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First Time Visit to Paris?

Lock of Love Dreamed of a trip to Paris for years?

So… It’s finally happening… Yaaaaaaay!

Now what do you do first?
Moi, I would make a list of all the things I wanted to do, plan all my outfits, probably create an elaborate Pinterest board, and then search for hotels. That’s part of the fun of planning a trip. What isn’t as fun is the tedious  reserving of all of your activities. But, great news for you (first time Paris visitor), there is someone else who can take care of all those reservations for you!
PARIS City VISION  allows you to visit Paris and enjoy the city of lights without feeling like you are your own baffled travel agent. Many people on their first trip to Paris leave it all un-planned and un-reserved until they get here, and then it is a fatiguing struggle to fit it all in and most of the time you don’t understand half of what is going on nor how to get to where you need to go. Right?

With PARIS City VISION you can include all the best must-do things in Paris : The Louvre, The Musée d’Orsay, A Seine river Cruise, The Moulin Rouge or the Crazy Horse, Versailles, Notre Dame de Paris and so much more, and all of this can be easily reserved online directly on their website, and with the guarantees of their services. This eliminates those annoying “surprises” once you arrive and want to go see a show and find out it’s booked, or are looking for a guided tour only none are available on a moment’s notice.


Group all of your tourist visits together with Paris City Vision and you may find it a lot easier to enjoy the frivolous sides of Paris. I especially like their Louvre and champagne offer. Highlights of that experience include :

  • A driver picks you up at your hotel or apartment : (you don’t have to navigate the metro)
  • Champagne sipping with the Louvre as your view : (uh, what else!)
  • A guided tour of the museum focusing on some of the most famous works : (you can’t get lost in that monstrous museum when someone is guiding you!)

I think that’s the best way to experience world famous art and architecture, n’est-ce pas!
Louvre Pyramides
Evening drinks with Cheri #love  #champagne #wine  #Paris

Or how about this option that caught my eye : Eiffel Tower, Dinner, La Seine, Moulin Rouge and Champagne! All in one!

  • Dine at the Eiffel Tower! (I dined at the 1st floor restaurant years ago, and remember it with delight)
  • Cruise tour of the Seine with all the gorgeous monuments that line its banks (a great way to learn about and see a whole slew of monuments)
  • A show at the Moulin Rouge! (Oh la la!! and you get to dress up!)
  • Drop off near your residence. (Aaaahh, so don’t worry about your feet in those spike heels you wore)

This is a fun way to get several things done on your “Visit Paris” list, and have a blast while your are “being a tourist”!

Saying Bonjour to this little old lady. My reward for two days of house painting. #Paris #EiffelTower

Paris in Blue and Gold

PARIS City VISION has a wide range of options for many budgets, and offers a fantastic way to discover Paris. I can certainly say this is an excellent way to see Paris, especially for a first time visitor. Not only will it take out the frustration of planning, but it will include options for enhancing your experience so it will be a trip to remember with joy for the rest of your life. And all that extra time you will save when you don’t have to make all those reservations yourself, well, you can spend that practicing your French, planning your Parisian fashion, and working on that je-ne-sais-quoi attitude far all your instagrams that you’ll be snapping! Vive Paris!

My je-ne-sais-quoi look!


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