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Les Jeudis Arty

JeudiArtylogoA new non-profit organisation Parisian event is in the works. It is fun, trendy and culturally speaking it’s terribly chic but remains accessible to even a total non-art snob such as myself.

I know little about art. I took a few art and architecture classes when I first arrived in Paris, but beyond a few classics and some of the greats, I know really nothing. But I love when it is explained to me. It always makes so much more sense… So of course I will be taking full advantage of the invitation that was extended to me for this event I wanted to share with you.

Think evening strolls from gallery to gallery in the Marais… live performance artists… DJ… Meet and greets with artists… and show openings… just to give you a hint.


Inspired by a similar happening in London, this will not be a one-time event, the idea is to have 4 Thursdays a year where the Jeudis Arty team creates their magic around the Marais and brings a slew (about 30) of new and established art galleries into play. They are citing spots such as Gallerie Charlot, Gallerie Papillon and Gallerie Polaris to name only a few. I have to admit, I am a little intimidated by going into Paris art galleries, and generally stick to museums for my art oggling, so this will be the PERFECT occasion for me to be initiated. How??? Because I will be in a small group tour. *sigh of relief*

There will be Arty bags for 30 euros, (students should inquire about a special price for them). The arty bags will, it seems, will prove helpful to us throughout our guided tour, and offer us some contests and fun goodies too!!


This event is the efforts of three women, graduated from the famous Science Po university in Paris, and who are looking to make an impact in French society via culture. I like how they have found inspiration in the nglo-Saxon way of doing things, and I hope this catches on with the Parisians… But whether you are Parisian or not, you can join the fun! Like their facebook page for updates and more info access. And if your next trip to Paris falls around one of these Thursdays, get yourself some cool culture and grab a spot. The first edition happens on June 5th. I’ll be there!!

Imagine, strolling around the Marais, with perhaps a glass of something bubbly, a bag of goodies, games and chalenges (what a great way to experience art!), a charming French chic explaining all this art to you, I really don’t see how you could experience Paris like a local any better than that!!


Participating galleries are :

Galerie Alain Gutharc
Galerie Anne Barrault
Galerie Charlot
Galerie Claudine Papillon
Galerie Corcia
Galerie Cour Carré
Galerie Djeziri-Bonn
Galerie Derouillon
Galerie Duboys
Galerie Fatiha Selam
Galerie Intuiti
Galerie Isabelle Gounod
Galerie Laure Roynette
Galerie Lazarew
Galerie Mamia Bretesché
Galerie Maria Lund
Galerie Michèle Chomette
Galerie Polaris
Galerie Rivière/Faiveley
Galerie Véronique Smagghe
Galerie Vincenz Sala
L’espace QuinzeQuinze
School Gallery



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