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Gab & Jo Boutique – Made in France

Gab & Jo I met Alexis when I visited my ultimate dream apartment in Paris. He was the owner. He has since done away with luxury apartments and is now focusing his attention on something closer to his heart : all things made in France. Just a handful of months ago he opened up Gab & Jo (named after his two kids) where there is something made-in-France for everyone, EVEN for the FRENCH.

Alexis is incroyablement friendly and very enthusiastic. I met him at the boutique as he sauntered back from grabbing his lunch and a few macarons. He eagerly showed me around his boutique, excited about the smallest details and most delightful elements of his endeavor. Seriously, Arnaud Montebourg should come in to visit for inspiration.
Gab & Jo boutique Paris
Gab & Jo
Nostalgia for Frenchies, pretty little objects for the kawaï obsessed Japanese tourists, hand crafted home décorum, home candle scents, unique brands, artists, créateurs, and a deep love for France and Paris in particular, dominate this boutique. It opened just this past winter in the Saint Germain neighborhood, down the street from one of Ladurée’s addresses, and around the corner from Treize lunch/brunch spot.
Gab & Jo games

Gab & Jo boutique Paris

Gab & Jo boutique ParisI am so glad someone is still promoting “the art of the French made object” by little known artisans and small workshops. Hand-crafted is a disappearing art these days in hyper globalisation of everything. And the French moto of staying small, independant and happy, has some value to it. This is a mentality that has been part of the French psyche for centuries and can be observed in French folklore, maximes and French fairytales. It is probably one of the reasons why France isn’t a country where you have so many “success stories” like we do in the USA where a person comes from nothing and becomes a world-renowned sensation/millionaire. In French folklore and fairytales the hero is happy to have a good meal at the end of the day or have a good laugh at the over-lord that rules him.

But I regress. Let’s move away from feudal system social analysis, and back to the boutique at 28, rue Jacob 75006, Paris France.

Gab & Jo eiffel tower notebook

I have decided that my Christmas shopping next winter will all be done at this shop as there is literally something for everyone. FYI if Chéri is reading, I would like the blue striped “marinière” long sleeved shirt in size M from the Bon Baisers de Paris brand. 😉
Gab & Jo clothing

I also know several people who would love one of these candles :
Gab & Jo candles Marie Jeanne

And there are very très cool fashion accessories along side totally original home décor items.
Gab & Jo hand bag
Is it a lamp or a phone?
Gab & Jo boudoir phone lamp

Bath and beauty, made in France.
Gab & Jo

There is even a brand with some really good tongue-in-cheek French humor!

You must pronounce it in French to get it.
Gab & Jo boutique Paris
I walked away with one of these dish sponges in my bag. A way to express my love for Paris even when I am doing something as tedious and boring as washing the dishes!
Gab & Jo boutique Paris

Everything sold in the store is selected with care. Alexis strives to promote small designers, creators and artisans who have a savroir-faire and a love for France. Everything there is made in France. And the boutique is quite naturally an expression of love of one man to his country. If you are a Parisian or a tourist, you will certainly find all the gifts and souvenirs you could need or want throughout the year for any budget. Tell him I sent you.

Chapeau Alexis!


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