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Oui love Paris!

I just wanted to post a quick little “billet” as we say in French, to share and spread the amour. 🙂 My fellow blogger Nathalie of The Parisienne was featered the other day in L’Express Styles and she was so generous to reference Prête-Moi Paris as one of her go-to blogs of Paris. I felt honored to be mentioned amongst just a few others, while there are so very many wonderful bloggers out there that love to pay hommage to this city that we love so much.

I love when people love Paris without hesitation. (This doesn’t mean they must love everything, because loving Paris also means accepting her with her unpleasant sides too even if we complain about them).

My best friend here, is one of those Parisians, who LOVES Paris. One evening a couple years ago, she was driving us somewhere in the city, and we had to pass by the Eiffel Tower on our way. She timed our little car drive perfectly so that we could stop below Trocadero, park, and watch while the tower burst into a thousand sparkles! The joy on her face was so good to see. A Parisian still in love with her city and still marveling at one of the most iconic beauties here, some thirty-odd years into the relationship she has with the city.

Pink Paris by Prête-Moi Paris

Paris is easy to love for a week or two of vacation, or even for a month or a year at a time. But to live here day-in and day-out for years on end and still love it, is often a challenge. Some days can be frustrating in this expensive, pushy, complaining, narcisstic, exclusive, snobbish city. But… what you get in return for putting up with all of that… is so worth it. SO WORTH IT.

Parisians are not just people who are born here, raised here, or French. Parisians are those of us who make that choice to take on Paris, for all it’s worth, the beautiful, the amazing and the bad parts all together.

Parisians who love Paris… we have a common passion, and it brings such a richness to our lives that we are compelled to share it and celebrate it through our blogs.

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  1. Merci beaucoup, ma belle ! Thank you so much for including me. I love your blog – and I am in love with this city 🙂 So great to see you this week. Hope to see you soon! xx

  2. Hello! Thank you for this wonderful list of Parisian-lover blogs!
    I just want to let you know that I write a blog called Léonce Chenal on Parisian fashion, beauty, and lifestyle. I’m French, I’m living in Paris and I would love for you to check it out Many thanks! xo

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