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Trying On Some Trends

Trying On Some Trends
Fashion comes and goes, and then comes back again… I tend to stick to basics. And then get an occasional fun, frilly or funky item. ISn’t that what they told us about how French women dress? But I thought it would be fun to test out a few trends, and what better what better way to do so than on my Polyvore board.

Each outfit has maybe one sort-of classic pieces, and some funy, fun or frilly pieces added in to see how I feel about breaking out of my normal daily “unifrom”. I still haven’t ever been able to bring myself to purchase one of those long haired wool vests, nor a major statement boot, or those Isabel Marrant style high-heeled sneakers. I suppose this means I can’t keep up with the fashionistas, (not that I am attempting to, I’m not 20 years old anymore), but I like to consider myself fashion style savvy. This doesn’t mean I will run out an purchase the next hot item that pops up on Polyvore, Pinterest and the Fancy though. I don’t like to feel ridiculous in my clothes, and that’s often what trends make me feel. Hence the need to test them out virtually before committing myself and my closet to any particular statement fashion trend.

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