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Sultry Ideas for le Saint Valentin

Sultry Inspiration for le Saint Valentin

These all may be classic things (see above image) on the Valentines way of celebrating list, but there is no better excuse than this day to celebrate lovers, to bring out the ambiance enhancers…and entice your chéri with tried but true tools of seduction.

Ideas for setting the mood :

  • Send enticing text messages throughout the day. Or sweet poems. ♥
  • Give your chéri a set time to return home (so you know how much time you have to prepare).
  • Select some mood music that isn’t too over-done… (Café Del Mar is a good alternative to Marvin Gaye).
  • Supply yourself with fun adult accessories like feathers, silk blindfolds and a copy of Fifty Shades of Grey to read scenes from aloud to each other, over dinner maybe!!!! Oh my….
  • Keep the lighting low.
  • Set candles out everywhere. At least one scented one to help create the ambiance, so that when chéri walks in, the ambiance takes over the olfactory senses. Think Intoxicating and sexy when selecting your scented candle. Nothing too flowery or powdered. I like Rêve d’Osian from Oriza Legrand (you can get these candles at the Marie Antoinette boutique in the Marais).
  • Make a light dinner (nix the heavy or too spicy foods, you don’t want indigestion to spoil the evening), to be served by candlelight. Think : poultry or salmon with a diced mango and ginger salsa (they say ginger is an aphrodisiac); braised fennel or endives… dessert can be chocolates or bonbons, served in the bedroom!
  • Have your sexiest perfume spritzed in strategic places on you, your bed and your clothing. Sexiest doesn’t necessarily mean the strongest scent you own… think intimate. (My favorite).
  • And speaking of clothing…wear an apron… with only your lingerie underneath… Oh la la la la…. (You may want to turn the heat up a tad at home so you don’t freeze to death, it being February and all).
  • After dinner…do NOT do the dishes. But DO take off the apron.
  • I think any more suggestions would be underestimating your imagination…

Or you can be like me this year and have a chéri who has a very late meeting… LOL! So I think I’ll just run a hot bath with some lovely scented bath salts, light a candle, pour myself some champagne, and have a nice soak with a good book. 🙂

Romantic Bath
Photo By Alice Harold via Flickr

Leave a comment below and let me know what candle scents, perfumes and recipes you try this Valentine’s Day.

Happy Valentines to you all. I hope you do something special for the people you love.

From Paris with love…

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