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Pastry Boy Dishes on High Fashion Design

Paul Waters, one of the sweetest guys in Paris (and he is a fabulous cake baker!) was darling enough to attend the Clarisse Hieraix fashion show for me for Paris Fashion Haute Couture Week. I have to admit, I am a little jealous that I couldn’t go, I love her work. But Paul knows her brand, so I was confident that I was handing the invite to a capable guy with style and a good eye for design.

Here is his beautiful review :

Post by Paul Waters


When one thinks of Haute Couture or luxury fashion, labels, brands and fashion houses such as Chanel or Louis Vuitton immediately spring to mind; but it is hard to imagine these names and brands that seem to rule over the industry with such power were once founded and created by people like Clarisse Hieraix.

Born in 1973 in Marie-Galante (Guadeloupe), Clarisse Hieraix received her diploma from the Chambre Syndicate of Haute Couture in Paris in 1999. During her initial studies, she perfected her craft while working on different collections, ultimately allowing her to perfect her style and personality. A style and personality that is very strong and evident in all her work, the Clarisse Hieraix woman knows exactly what she wants and where she is going.  Hieraix, may have a very long way to go before becoming the next “Chanel” but she certainly posses some potential and I was lucky enough to attend her latest show in Paris.


Held at the Espace Pierre Cardin a lack-lustre venue that certainly pales in comparison to Hieraix’s work, perhaps as she begins to grow and develop she will expand too much greater venues. One can only hope. As the lights are dimmed the crowd falls silent, a blend of unusual electronic re-mixed music resonates through out and the first model takes to the runway.


One model is wearing a long, thin, sleeveless, black top and trousers that seem to glide over her figure. A choker like piece, wraps tight around her neck adorned with ruffles that mimics that of an edwardian collar; cut, styled and folded to perfection, accentuating the shoulders. Some models are clad black or white or in a bright vibrant yellow almost green like fabric that contrasts widely to the black again this reflects everything Hieraix stands for, strong, confident women. It is also a complete step away from the current pastel color trend that has been popping up on runways worldwide this season. Model after model, masterpiece after masterpiece, Hieraix’s show is sure to be widely loved.

Clarisse Hieraix press images
Clarisse Hieraix press images

One piece I personally adored was a short dress supported by a cage that was sewn into the fabric similar to that of the dresses women wore in the time of Marie Antoinette. But this was a far more modern and interesting take on it, pushing modern materials to the maximum, falling on to the model like an upturned flower, full of grace style and a certain sense of fragility.

Another interesting detail that could be seen on some of her pieces was a bold black cross right in the center of the chest. Perhaps this is not a symbol of religiousness but something else entirely different a compliment towards the female body and a symbol of strength. It reminded me of a steel structural frame like those found in a construction site, working in perfect unison to support the body. Yet again this comes back to the theme of confident bold women, a theme Hieraix relies heavily upon.

Photo posted by Angels & Demons Models.

Make up was left calm and neutral, subtle tones and shades the odd straight line drawn on or above the eye; nothing that has not been seen before but something that complimented Hieraix’s work very well. Hair was rolled up tight into something of a somewhat 1960s style. But yet again a far more, cleaner modern approach, a Clarisse Heiraix approach. Needless to say every piece was fabulous Hieraix has a wonderful eye for detail, a fantastic way of combining textures, various cuts and fabrics that never fails to amuse me.

Photo posted by Angels & Demons Models.
Photo posted by Angels & Demons Models.

Hieraix has an everlasting simplicity and symmetry to her work a simplicity that to me may stand the test of time. Built upon solid morals and an on going theme it’s easy to see how Hieraix could become the next big thing or most talked about fashion house. But with competition so fierce and so many talented designers popping up is it safe to stay with the same foundations or should she try new angles I guess only time will tell. After all most big fashions houses are built upon years and years of trial and error.

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