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Own (a piece of) the Eiffel Tower

Korbella box Paul Bedell of Korbella™ contacted me, and with one single sentence he had my full attention : “From our pieces of Paris to yours”. These are my pieces of Paris… but… What are his?

Small, wonderful, almost magical little “jewels” cut from an actual piece of the Eiffel Tower, and integrated into stylish and elegant pieces of fashion jewelry in sterling silver, vermeil (gold plated silver) or rhodium. Paul wanted to generously offer me a piece for review, because he felt that his jewelry line and concept fit perfectly with my site. He couldn’t have been more right.

Korbella meaning “beautiful heart” is a venture and an adventure that Mr Bedell embarked upon after leaving a life as a financial services executive. “What will your heart remember?” : is the Korbella tagline motto… It seems that Paul decided to do something that would make his life more memorable, and has captured the heart of Paris on a silver string.
Korbella charm bracelet

How is it possible that Korbella™ can have small pieces of the Eiffel Tower, you ask?

Paul and his wife, on a trip to Paris  fell in love with the city, and decided to acquire at two different Christies auctions, pieces of a staircase that was once on the Eiffel Tower but was removed along with several others for safety reasons in the 1980’s. This staircase along with others, connected the lower levels of the tower. Paul Bedell has cut it into tiny pieces to be used in his jewelry line. This means that when the staircase sections are gone, the Eiffel Tower editions of his creations will run out… aka : limited edition.

Korbella Certificate

Each piece with an Eiffel Tower piece comes with a certificate to vouch for its authenticity. The packaging is red, vibrant and pretty. Mr Bedell understands that a beautiful object must be well presented.
Korbella box detail
The charm bracelet “J’aime Paris” is made with Rhodium (great because it will scratch less than silver and is a very strong metal) comes with three charms on it, one heart lock with the word “Paris” engraved in it (inspired surely by the locks that fill the Pont des Arts), a miniature Eiffel Tower (but of course!), and a four leafed clover with an actual piece of the Eiffel Tower in the middle. A very lucky charm indeed. And I am very lucky to own one.Korbella heart charm

Korbella Bracelet

Korbella Four Leaf Clover Charm
Korbella Eiffel Tower Charm

I can’t say enough how pretty this piece of jewelry is, nor how special. I have worn it every day since it arrived. It is so intrinsically exceptional, so completely unique in the message it sends. I have a veritable piece of Paris on my wrist!

It tinkles and chimes with movement in the most delicate of sounds, and reminds me throughout the day of this beautiful city in which I am blessed to live. I know that many people who are smitten with Paris, yet are not able to live here. These pieces of jewelry are perfect for those who long for the city of lights, those who treasure it, wherever in the world they may be.

Korbella™ American made jewelry is purchasable on their website, and is also sold in the Four Seasons Hotel George V. If you know someone who loves Paris like I do, you must consider offering them one of these pieces for the upcoming holidays, or for any occasion for that matter. I have fallen completely in love with their jewelry design and concept. There are earrings, necklaces and even cuff links to offer your Chéri!

My heartfelt thanks to Paul for such a generous and beautiful piece of Paris.


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