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Merci Beaucoup!


Thanksgiving is traditionally a time of gratitude. A time of sharing.

Please comment below and share what you are grateful for this year.

It is an American custom to gather together at home with loved ones and family and to give thanks for the plenty and the blessings we have enjoyed throughout the year that culminate in a (hopefully) bountiful harvest. And even when the “harvest” is meager we still are grateful for what we have.


This year has been a full and busy one for me, and I have much to be thankful for.

Chéri and I celebrated our first year of marriage, had a delightful vacation in Italy, found a lovely new apartment to rent in one of my favorite corners of Paris, and Prête-Moi Paris turned 4… just to highlight some of the highlights.

Plus, I have wonderful and amazing friends here in Paris who support my blogging and craziness.

And of course, I have all my fantastic readers and social media followers who interact with me and share an enthusiasm for Paris with me every day. It is those interactions and the connections I make through this blog that keep me going. It’s not always easy to find time for it all, but it is definitely inspiring and satisfying to read comments from people who enjoy my online “scribblings” on Paris.

I’m so grateful and lucky for this little life I have etched out for myself in such a beautiful city. I never would have imagined such an existence as the young girl I was back in the USA floundering and trying so hard to find my place in the world. Here in Paris it seems to blossom almost magically.

So MERCI to all of you who are a part of my life and who share all my joys, discoveries, delights and even some of the frustrations with me.

I hope you all have a wonderful holiday or just a wonderful day. I am grateful for all of you.

Let the Turkey baking being!


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