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Why Visit Paris in October

Post by Jenny Bailey

Why Visit Paris in October?

Well, I’ll tell ya!

Autumn in Paris
Autumn in Paris de cani&porci on flickr

In October, Paris is packed with personality.

From art to fashion (et vin, bien sûr) here are some suggestions of autumn activities and affairs to try in the capital if you’re in town this month.

Topshop by Sean Davis on flickr

3 October Top(shop) News for French Fashionistas

If you fancy rocking the London look in Paris, you’ll no longer have to take the Eurostar to grab your goods. Although the exact date has yet to be confirmed, the global garb giant, Topshop, is set to occupy a permanent part of one of Paris’s most visited department stores this month. Galeries Lafayette decided to stock the clothing chain’s apparel for the long haul after a pop-up store devoted to the British brand proved popular with Parisian shoppers earlier this year. Here’s to the launch party!


France, Paris, Nuit Blanche 2010, rue de la Fontaine au Roi, " Naked city 2010 " Hakima El Djoudi. Installation vidéo.
France, Paris, Nuit Blanche 2010, rue de la Fontaine au Roi, ” Naked city 2010 ” Hakima El Djoudi. Installation vidéo. by Vincent Desjardins on flickr

5 October – Culture’s in the Air

Taking place in a number of venues across the capital, Paris’s White Night (au Nuit Blancheen Français) is an annual event that sees some of the city’s top galleries, museums, cinemas, parks and concert halls open throughout the night. Not only can you soak up the latest in Paris’s arts and culture scene while the rest of the city sleeps, but admission into these stimulating spots is absolutely free. For more information on timings and locations, keep an eye on the latest developments of the arty affair here.




9-13 October – When in Paris…

This year marks the 80th anniversary of the city’s Fête des Vendanges de Montmartre – that’s the Montmartre Harvest and Wine Festival en Anglais. Based in the 18th arrondissement, the occasion is a great way to lap up the local tipple while experiencing the autumn atmosphere in Paris at its winest – (pardon the pun!). However, it’s not all drinking as there’s also a variety of entertainment to check out including street performances, live music and even a firework display. For times and details, visit the official site here.


Grand Palais
Grand Palais. By Cayetano on flickr

24-27 October – Fair with Flair

Paris has even more to offer creative types this month as the annual International Contemporary Art Fair is due to be in town again. The four-day event, which will be held in the city’s lavish Grand Palais, showcases artists from an estimated 24 different countries around the globe. For more information about the occasion, click here. (

If you’re now tempted to visit Paris in October but are concerned about the cost, don’t fret, it’s off season and therefor less expensive! Take a look at the great city break deals at Holiday Discount Centre. And bon séjour!

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  1. Great post! I’m incredibly excited to be going to Paris in a week! I can’t wait to experience the charm of Paris in the Fall…and I have a feeling Nuit Blanche is going to be spectacular! Adventure awaits! 😀

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