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Paris Cola – Made in France


Paris Cola delivered some of their tasty beverages to my door the other day. It’s delicious and refreshing. I thought it would make a good compagnion with me at the parc de Monceau one lovely day in July. I had brought along my French novel to read, but I ended up just working on my blog with my smartphone.

So the company that makes this lovely beverage, Fonbelle, run by two young guys, invented a first version in 2007. But although the response was great they didn’t find the time to really develop and launch the product until 2012. Typical multi-taskers of our day and age I am sure.

Once the recipe was perfected they come up with the packaging concept. And now we can enjoy their sweet and zesty beverage as much as we want!

The two guys behind this all, Yves Guilloux and Rodolphe Grosset, wanted to offer a quality product, made in France. But Paris Cola can boast that even the sugar used in the recipe comes from the Île-de-France. So really, it’s as Parisian as you can get for a sparkling beverage!

And they don’t just offer cola…


They offer a whole slew of fun Frenchy products, all made in France. Their goal is to give people a way to purchase fun souvenirs of France that aren’t “made in China” for example. If you are traveling to France you should be able to get souvenirs made IN France. Duh!

I like their little box of home scents for your closet or your lingerie drawer. 24€ is a nice price for a French made product that is sweet for your home, or for someone you love.

They even have some clothing items, cute leather goods and more…

These are all available at their boutique Passion France , 42 Avenue de la Grande Armée, 75017 – Paris, Métro: Argentine (ligne 1); Tél : 01 71 19 75 87


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