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Vacation Inspiration – Summer Style


Paris Summer Style

August, the month of the “Aoûtiens” as the French call it. Meaning, those who take their vacation holiday in August. The “Juilletistes” are the ones who head out of town in July. I am an “Aoûtienne”. I like having my vacation end at the end of the final Summer month. (I consider September a Fall month even though Summer usually extends itself well into it). And so as I go from Parisian to vacationer… it seems only natural to express that metamorphosis in style. I get to shed the city clothes for a more relaxed wardrobe in which I intend to shed off the fatigue accumulated this past year. But, try as you might, you can’t remove the city girl style completely, even when on a Summer escapade with Chéri.

City girl on vacation


After having my warm weather fun in the city of lights, cocktails on fancy terraces, luncheons in chic hidden restaurants, ice cream and carnivals… I am ready to head out of town for a break from the fast pace… take long easy bike rides, breath non-polluted air, nap on the beach and sleep late in cool crisp sheets…


What are you wearing on vacation this Summer?!?


  1. Dressing for summer has been a bit of a struggle for me. I’m on an uber tight budget so I had to make do with a few key staple items. I like white and black but this summer I tried to spice things up as much as possible with a few bright colors too. My go-to for dinner at a beach side restaurant is a black and cream striped cotton dress which is belted with a black ribbon. Throw on a pair of sandals and I’m ready to go. This is actually perfect for the beach too (swap out the sandals for a pair of flip-flops and add a straw hat – BAM).

    I’ve also nearly gone without make-up this summer. I fill in my eyebrows because they go completely blonde within a few seconds being in the sun. The same goes for my eye lashes so I rarely go without a bit of mascara…..and I never forget the moisturizer! This salty air is not great on the skin!

    1. Hi Mary! Summer fashion does tend to be less costly than winter wear for sure. And good thing too since we really only wear it for 3 months max out of the year. I love throwing heels on with a beach/sun dress and voilà I’m dressed for drinks or dinner out. Your black and cream cotton number sounds perfect!

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