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Summer Indulgence

This Summer, amidst an apartment move, a heat wave and a full-time job, I have still been able to find the time for a few indulgences.

One of those moments that stands out in mind is the garden party that Sasha of Savoir Faire Paris threw.  A perfect escape from the city without leaving the city.

Garden Party
Garden Party - rose view
Garden Path
I am lucky to have friends with such a lovely space to invite us to! Thanks you Sasha for opening up your green space to us all. 🙂

I also found time for one almost traditional activity now, the carnival at the Tuileries garden.
Chéri, Frank and I spent Frank’s last evening here this Summer picnicking, strolling through the carnival, driving bumper cars and the obligatory ferris wheel ride at 11pm so we could watch the Eiffel Tower sparkle! Really, I never get tired of it!


Summer came at us in Paris, suddenly and in full force…albeit a tad late into the season. We whined so much for the lack of sun and warmth that it was quite a surprise to go from cold and raining to heat wave. But even in the sweltering heat, I am still glad for all this vitamin D!!!
Into the sun!
It has made us want to sprawl out in gardens, hang out on café terraces and veg out, an ice cold beverage within reach.
Take two!
Ice tea at Kooka Boora

I intend to soak up as much sun as I can, because the weather track record here isn’t completely offering me a lot of confidence. Two months of golden rays is most likely all we are going to get, and then it will be back to gray-rain-land. Besides, Paris under the sun…it’s just impossible not to fall in love with this city!


  1. Always gorgeous stuff. Remembering Midnight in Paris where Lea and Woody both agreed – Paris is the most beautiful in the rain….. or gray cold, perhaps? It’s never ugly, that’s for sure!

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