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Pampering my skin chez Carita


After an exhausting year, no make that two years, I decided enough was enough. I needed a facial urgently. A few years ago my awesome mother-in-law (at the time Chéri and I were not yet married), gave me a Christmas gift of a facial at her favorite Carita spa in the 6th arrondissement. Since then I have been dreaming of going back. And these past couple of years I feel like my skin has aged far faster than usual. So I made that decision to stop putting it off and marched into the spa on Faubourg Saint Honoré and requested an appointment.


Part of me was worried that I’d break down and cancel, preferring to put my money towards more practical things such as home decor and furniture for our new place. But I surprised myself and showed up on appointment day! (I was obviously feeling a dire need for some skin care).

I was welcome politely with generous, immaculate smiles by the staff, offered a seat in the waiting area and a fresh glass of mineral water.


Aurelie was my esthetician, and she guided me through my visit there with gentle yet expert hands (she literally hadthe softest hands to ever have brushed against my face). After showing me to the dressing area where a locker, bathrobe and slipper awaited me, she offered me a fresh fruit cocktail to drink and brought me to the room where I was to be given my facial. She began with a series of questions about my skin, how I care for it and what I was hoping to get out of my experience. This was to help her pinpoint exactly what my skin needs. And lo and behold, I learned that I have been going about my skin care all wrong. I have sensitive skin that reddens easily, with a mixed complexion. Normally I scrub it clean morning and night with a mousse soap, and if it feels too tight I slap on some moisturizer and eye cream. All this : BAD.

As she explained to me, by washing my skin with soap I was drying it out. It would therefore create excess sebum to compensate (hence the oily skin in my mixed complexion). She also explained how I have a naturally thin layer of skin but it thickens in certain areas because it’s defending itself from the onslaught of my “skin care” routine. This was a major “Ah-ha!” moment for me.


So much to me and my face’s delight, my conception of skincare was revolutionized. She performed several different treatments on me, including a full cleanse, exfoliation, a mask (during which she massaged my neck shoulders arms and hands), plus their signature treatment which cleans and smooths the skin using gloves with woven silver strands that are connected to a feeble electrical current and are used to gently massage the skin’s surface. This also helps tighten pores. She also performed a lumino-therapy on my face.

It was nearly two hours long. Two hours of pure relaxing bliss. I was so convinced by her skincare advice that I purchased their cleansing gel “Gelée des Lagons”; 36 € for the bottle which should last me at least 4-5 months I think. I’ve been using it ever since and I’ll NEVER go back to soap! My skin, and I, are so much happier with each other!!!

The treatment I got is called the “Soin Correcteur” 136 € for 1 hour and a half (but it was more like 2), and is tailored to each individual by the esthetician taking care of you. They keep a record of what was done so the next time you go, they can see exactly what skin type you are and what sort of treatment you need.

I was very impressed with the client service and the way I was taken care of. But for the price tag, you can expect that kind of pampering.

Aurelie told me that ideally I should have this done once a month. Yeah, I certainly agree. I just don’t think my budget does! But it is so completely worth it! I think I may have to treat myself to one every year.


11, rue du Faubourg St Honoré
75008 Paris
01 44 94 11 11

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