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VoituresJaunes2When we were shooting the “Sweet Life in Paris” video (coming soon to Prête-Moi Paris) with Olivia, Lindsey, Charles, Frank and Olivier, we were treated in VIP style with chauffeur service from Voitures Jaunes.

I discovered this fabulous car service not too long ago, and the company is quite new in Paris, but it has been years, no, likely (many) decades that Paris has been in dire need of a better taxi service. So it isn’t too soon that it is finally here!

I’m one of those Parisians (yes, after more than a decade, I’ve decided that I can call myself Parisian now), that gets frustrated with the normal city taxis. If you’ve ever tried to get a taxi in Paris then you probably know what I mean.

Episode A : You want to wave one down. They all drive by. None stop.
Episode B : You stand in line at the taxi stand for 40 minutes. When finally you’re up, the next taxi refuses to go where you need to go.
Episode C : You are in the darn taxi, and your driver takes the slowest route and pokes along catching all the red lights, and a ride that should have cost you 10 € is now upwards of 20 €, AND your blood is boiling.


Voitures Jaunes offers a service that not only eliminates all of these frustrations, but it also adds some great perks!

Smiling service.

GPS guided rides (that also take into account traffic).


Plugs for your cell phones.

Bottled water.


And a driver that opens doors for you.

You  order your taxi online or call, receive a fixed rate quote, and they arrive on time at the door. Amaaazing. Seriously. For Paris, (the land of hard-to-get-customer-serivce) this kind of thing is amazing. But it is also proof that Paris is becoming a more friendly city and one that appreciates customers!

I find that the Voitures Jaunes rates are just slightly above what regular taxi rates can be, and is totally worth it. I would rather pay for service with a smile and extra perks in order to ride in comfort and peace of mind (it is really nice not to have one eye on the meter wondering how much you are going to be robbed of at each red light or wrong turn).

And… the drivers were awesome yellow ties!

Voitures Jaunes Paris from Prete Moi Paris on Vimeo.

在拍摄 “Sweet Life in Paris”(即将登陆Prête-Moi Paris,敬请期待)的途中, 包括我在内的一行六人 Olivia, Lindsey, Charles, Frank 以及 Oliver 有幸享受到了 Voitures Jaunes 提供的VIP式服务。

我也是在不久前才了解到这项用车服务的, 对于巴黎而言, 这家初来乍到的公司可谓意义非凡,因为这座城市实在急需稍微像样点的出租车服务了,现在我们终于有了更好的选择。





Voitures Jaunes 所提供的服务不仅一扫这些恶心经历,更有许多讨喜的额外惊喜!


GPS 全程导航(与实时交通同步)







我发现 Voitures Jaunes 的费用只比同类公司高出少许,对于它所提供的服务而言,完全物超所值。对我来说,与其两眼紧盯计价器,忐忑着我又要在下一个红灯或绕路被黑掉多少钱,我宁愿主动多花一点钱去换取优质的服务,让自己的旅途在舒适和安逸中度过。

另外… 这家公司的司机们都系着帅气的黄色领带哦!

Translated by Xavier SHENG 

Sadly, since the publication of this article Les Voitures Jaunes has ceased to exist.

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