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This vs. That aka NY vs. Paris

It is a popular thing to love New York and Paris, these days. With Laduréee planting itself in the big apple, and Parisians gobbling down hamburgers at all the hip new eateries in the city of lights (Scwhartz, Lefty, Chibbie to name a few) the fans of these cities seem, to me, to be more and more mixed. Parisians will gush about how New York is tellement cool, and New Yorks will sell their left arm to move to Paris.

And then there are sites that love to compare the two. The blog Le Manhattan recently tried to sum up the differences in an article titled : The 5 Most Important Differences Between Paris and New York. I thought it was a pretty decent attempt albeit a bit of a generalization when analyzing the differences and which ones are preferable or not. But I applaud the desire to go deeper into this tale of two cities comparison.

I on the other hand, am going to light hearted route!

Since we now live in a culture of images and most people only read a quarter of the words placed on the computer screen in front of them (not a scientific figure, mind you, and if you are reading thus far, then merci!), and most people’s attention span can only last long enough to wait for their bandwidth to calculate their click on the “like” button… (me included) … Well I will just offer up a few fun images to incite more of this nonsensical competition that is all silly and mirthful and all in good fun, between the two cities.

Serving millions per day

A river runs through it
Works of Eiffel proportions
A 4 letter place to eat : Deli vs Café

I love both of these cities. And I have often been heard saying that, if I had not have come to Paris, I would have ended up in New York. But Paris got me first and stole my heart.

Happy Fourth of July!


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