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Pretty Paris Pictures : Île Saint Louis

Summer time in Paris makes everything slow down a little as Parisians head off for vacation land. The city adopts an air of a small provincial town sometimes during the months of July and August. Île Saint Louis is one of the best places to get that picturesque and calm pedestrian side of Paris this Summer.
Enjoy my photos!










  1. Such beautiful store fronts. Alive works of art. I need to summon up the courage to finally visit Paris, solo. I’ve only been there three times, but only accompanied by others – my daughter is fluent in French and what a difference that makes!

  2. Is the third picture (of the flowery street and purple chairs) also of the Ile Saint Louis? If so what street, I haven’t come across it before. Great post by the way:-) M.

    1. Mairie, yes it is on Île Saint Louis. Rue Chanoinesse. The restaurant is called Au Vieux Paris d’Arcole and has been there for centuries! (Obviously not in purple the whole time). 😉

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