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So here we are at the end of July, and I am finally getting to a post about something that happened at the end of June. I do have an excuse tho! Chéri and I moved apartments in between time and my energy was totally zapped by that. But I am intent on writing a post about it because 1, I love the celebrated artist/author that was put on “display” at the event, and 2, this was my first time *gasp* at Merci. I know! I know! I am like the last Paris blogger to finally go there. But at least I chose such a great event to finally show up!

I was invited by Nathalie, the blogger of La Parisienne, that fabulous française who adores Paris! She was a fantastic co-host of the party, greeted everyone and was all smiles, the whole event.

Fun Merci decorum!
Paris vs New York
THE book!

So who is this author we were celebrating? Why the artist and author behind Paris vs. New York! Vahram Muratyan’s book it très popular among the “bobos” of Paris as well as the hipsters of NYC and I think, quite frankly, that he has added to the hype that both of these city’s cool crowds offer to their sister metropolis across the Atlantic. And it is a great hype! If you haven’t seen his blog or picked up a copy of his book…well what are you waiting for!?!

So Merci is a shop filled with decor, home furnishings, books and other paraphernalia and fun objects celebrating Paris, and is a sort of less touristy version of Colette, but nonetheless trendy!

The hallway between the café and the shop
Don’t you want to take a spin around Paris on this!?!

There was a funky Brazilian music band playing for the event, which I found kind of funny. At an event celebrating Paris and an artist/author who he himself has Paris and New York as his subject matter, they go with a Brazilian band. But hey, that’s Paris. Cosmopolitan! And it is so fun to dance to Brazilian beats!!!

Moi, Lisa’s husband, Lisa, Frank Cierpial

I was thrilled to run into fellow friends and bloggers : Newly wed Lisa of Ella Coquine and her husband, Patricia of Patricia Parisienne, Kasia of Love in the City of Lights and the designer behind Kasia Dietz bags, and I even met Catherine of Catherine B who owns vintage luxury shops in Paris where she sells great Chanel and Hermès pieces the savvy shoppers.

Patricia, Lisa’s husband, Lisa
Kasia Dietz, Vahram Muratyan
Moi, Kasia, Catherine B

There was an open bar with cocktails and wine, and fun little things to nibble while browsing and smoozing at the party. See Patricia’s post on it for more pics of that.

I will certainly return to Merci again and again as it turns out to be a delightfully intriguing concept store. Make it a point to head there on your next visit to the Marais area of Paris :

111 Boulevard Beaumarchais
75003 Paris


  1. What a fun night we had!! I’m so glad I ran into all of you fierce and fab ladies. You made it so special.

    Hahahah I love the “Lisa’s Husband” part. : )

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