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Dangerous Lingerie Shop

I had been planning on investing in a little something for Chéri and I…but  I had not committed to anything yet. And then, I was innocently wandering down a lovely street in the Marais, my mind on things like home décor and an “apothicary style” dinning room… I was minding my own business, when this store just came up on the trottoir and literally PULLED me in! I am not kidding you! I had no part in it whatsoever. None.

And when I was in there, I was really only going to look. REALLY!

La Dame 2 Coeurs, pink frillsBut Marie, the sweet and non-invasive lady who owns and runs the shop was so gentle in her persuasion for me to look at different items and then she showed me the images of the pieces in the brand’s catalog (where of course they look INCREDIBLE!) and then she guided me to the plush velvety dressing room,  until, before I knew it the lace and silk was flying around my head and in a matter of 15 minutes I had tried on several pieces… and before I realized it, I was on a sincere and determined hunt for THE perfect piece or ensemble.

And well Marie was so very helpful that I did indeed find it, to the grand dismay of my wallet and to the great delight of moi and Chéri…who showed up moments after Marie had packaged it all in a darling little bag. So I spent the rest of our afternoon stroll tantalizing him with my little bag of lingerie. La Dame 2 Coeurs, Paris Lingerie Boutique Oh la la!

Marie owns this shop for about 5 years now, believe it or not, but she used to have a career at the French Ministry of Defense. She loves lacey and frilly things and started working in the lingerie business for a friend on weekends, and then finally left her career and opened up her darling little shop in the Marais.

*Sigh* I love stories like hers…

If you are in town for a visit or if you live here and heed a little lingerie pick-me-up Marie has a wonderful selection for all types and tastes. And she is so unassuming and so delicate in the way she treats you, before you know it you’ll leave her shop beaming from a completely frivolous but satisfactory purchase, that is in any event well worth it!

La Dame 2 Coeurs Paris

La Dame 2 Coeurs

13 rue du roi de sicile 75004 PARIS

Métro : Saint Paul (line 1)

(PS : I love that it is n° 13 of the street! A dangerous number!) ^^
La Dame 2 Coeurs, Paris


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