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Shoptiques, a unique shopping experience

A new shopping concept has hit the internet shopping scene. This website I am presenting to you has created a venue online where you can shop local boutiques in far away cities. What do I mean? Well… you know that little boutique on rue Montorgueil in Paris that sells items that can only be obtained by WALKING into THAT store… well not anymore. You can now shop items from that store through the wonderful world of Shoptiques!

(…Read on to find out some of my favorite picks and how you can get a discount!)

Shoptiques and I are doing a mutual sharing of each other with our respective readerships, because we have “hit it off” and really like one another’s sites and content. Awww! They have gracefully featured me on their side, under their style insider series, to highlight my insight into Paris and Parisian fashion, and I am featuring them so that all of you dear readers who live outside of Paris, can learn how to acquire some of that exclusive style. Now it is merely at the tips of your quickly clicking fingers.

A few items that have caught my eye on their site I thought I would share with you :

This beautiful gray lace backless gown. Honestly, I don’t know where I would were it, I don’t have any fancy events planned…but I could always save it for the next wedding I attend! Hoping to high heaven that it’s a formal wedding!!!! But it is just a stunning dress that would look lovely on my curves. My friends just need to get married before i have kids and distort my  former-ballerina-figure. And this, from a boutique in Hampton, New York. Everything in, around and from New York is soooo popular in Paris these days, so I am sure it is fashion-faux-pas-proof in Paris.

Shoptiques_LongBacklessGown_PatriciaDelCastillo And then there are these fantastic suede and patent leather saddle shoes from a shop in Newburyport in Massachusetts, my old home state before I became an expat! I like the idea of being able to support my old community by shopping in their boutiques, even if I can’t make a trip back there every year. These shoes are a fun and original take on a retro classic. And I can totally see myself wearing them this Summer!


And of course I must tempt you all with an item from a Paris boutique! Vanina Escoubet has a boutique that I discovered last summer, while wandering the south Pigalle neighborhood, on one of my favorite streets in Paris, rue Henri Monnier in the 9th. Low and behold, Shoptiques sells items from that very same shop! I love this 100% silk blouse, that has a slightly edgy look, yet can be “styled up” to make it more formal. It has that perfect balance I am always looking for.

VaninaEscoubet_ShoptiquesTo celebrate the new amité between Prête-Moi Paris and Shoptiques, Shoptiques is offering Prête-Moi Paris readers a 10% discount valid for one month on EVERYTHING!!!! Happy shopping, and share your Shoptiques experience with us in the comments below!

Bisous de Paris


      1. Great suggestion! Will definitely look into it. But might have better luck here in Australia, since I now live in Melbourne. Lots of great fashion here too.

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