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Paris Fashion Week : Devastée AW1314

Devastée, a team of two with a dark youthful theme. I covered their show back in 2011 for their Fall-Winter collection 2011/12.

Photo : Prête-Moi Paris
Photo : Prête-Moi Paris

I haven’t returned to see any more of their collections until now. Back in 2011, I found the brand only mildly intriguing. It looks to me like a very teenage angst style of design, and I didn’t see much in terms of cut and design that thrilled me so. But I thought I should give them another try this season to see how they have evolved.

Maybe it’s because I am in my thirties, but this just doesn’t make me feel exuberant, like other young designers do (Claudine Ivari for example). The style and cut, have not changed. The motifs have been altered, and this must be where the team of two puts in all their creative energy. But to me it is a brand that is stuck in a specific time of life, and just doesn’t want to grow up. And that’s ok, for them. They know what their style is and they are sticking to it. Hopefully they will always have a steady supply of sad high school students to wear their brand (that is assuming that sad high schoolers will continue to adorn this style of garb to display their angst and emo). Ok, I do like the polka dots. And I give them major kudos for made-in-France products. So there is a silver lining to their seemingly dark little expressive fashion cloud.

Photo : Prête-Moi Paris
Photo : Prête-Moi Paris


From a completely different point of view, their cut and style looks très comfortable, and I might even be inclined to wear some of their pieces if I just didn’t have such an aversion to whole idea behind their style and print.

Maybe I will give their brand a chance again in a couple of seasons to see if they will grow out of this stage.

Devastée AW1314 from Prete Moi Paris on Vimeo.


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