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Most Romantic Spot in Paris : Tactile Temptation


I think this will be the final volume in the series “Most Romantic Spot in Paris” (unless I get inspired by another element to explore!).

I have drawn upon my own experiences and those shared with me, to explore the idea of what might be considered the most romantic spot in Paris. There are romantic places to stroll in the scenery of this beautiful city…. there are places to dine and tempt ourselves with taste. There are the ever sensual arts. And there are also places to ignite the other senses of and thus the heart strings, like listening to some sultry jazz notes… even olfactory elements of romance! But what about what our fingertips feel? There is certainly a sensual, romantic aspect worth exploiting there!

Romance is many things, as we have explored. Romance is a sunny walk along the river Seine as well as a delicious meal shared with your chéri(e) gazing at one another in the reflection of the window overlooking the Opéra Garnier. And romance can also be the brush of lace under the fingertips.

How sensual an experience to head into and Aubade or La Perla boutique together and chose lacey underthings to dress up your under-dressed evenings alone together! To delicately touch the silky lingerie which you will slip into and out of later. It would be enough to drive any Chéri mad with desire!


But touch can also be more direct and intended all while remaining appropriate in French public standards.

La danse!

Dancing together with your darling…in a sweaty underground swing club, or taking a tango class can be incredibly romantic and full of tempting touch. The result of these tactile experiences are magic. The Caveau de la Huchette is one swinging joint, where your partner can toss you around till you are dizzy with desire! Or take one of the tango classes that happen along the Seine in the summertime. Dance is one of the best ways to tempt with tact and tactile advantages!

Photo from Oana Ingrid

But, you say you have two left feet?

Then there is the ever popuar-in-Paris kissing in the street! Or anywhere you want for that matter! Where to kiss in Paris : There are park benches, obscure booths at the back of restaurants, boring escalator rides in the metro, long ticket lines for the movies, movie theaters, on the sidewalks, in the streets, on the bus, at the stoplight while on a bake ride, are all great places to give bisous to your lover…to just name a few!

Photo : flickr user : Erkan Kefeli

Where have you kissed your Chéri(e) in the city of love?!?

~Bisous de Paris!

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