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Most Romantic Spot in Paris : Listening to Love

Another volume in the series of finding the “most” romantic spot in Paris… I have drawn upon my own experiences and those shared with me, to explore the idea of what might be considered the most romantic spot in Paris. There are romantic places to stroll in the scenery of this beautiful city…. there are places to dine and tempt ourselves with taste. There are the ever sensual arts. And there are also places to ignite the other senses of and thus the heart strings.

In the begining of my romance with Chéri, he took me to a place that I have since lamented as it closed down…Les 7 Lézards. It was a jazz bar, a very well-known one, where we had our first kiss. A cozy and sultry place, it oozed sensuality, not only with the fantastic music it offered but also from its warm and inviting interior. The bar has long since closed its doors, but their website still remains, maintained by a group “Friends of the 7 Lézards” who can’t seem to let go of this legendary place.

Les 7 Lézards bar

Another place to listen to great jazz music, is the Baiser Salé, a bar title that fits even more perfectly into our topic here, for it’s definition means “salty kiss”!

But jazz doesn’t hold the monopoly on sensual listening in Paris…

Poetry can often be full of romance, and you can even hear it spoken live, in English. This site updates the listings of Anglephone poetry events. But if you prefer the native language, (I agree, it just sounds more sultry in French), La Maison de la Poésie has regular shows and readings…

Comtesse de Noailles: Poème de l'amour
Photo : flickr user Alexis Orloff

Beyond poetry and music, a very romantic sound in Paris, for me, is the sound of tranquility. Living in such a busy city, full of sirens, and voices, motors, and other auditory invasions, sometimes you just dream of an afternoon of quiet with your darling… I know of a place where that is available (in the Summer). The Lac Daumesnil, where we go row boating in the Summer (and where Prête-Moi Paris holds its annual Row Boat Regatta). I love the fact that out ont that little lake we don’t hear the city sounds any more. We here quiet, and the delicate splash of the oars as they gently strike the water, the laugh of children running along the shore, the rustle of the tree branches as the waft in the breeze and brush the water. Lazy Summer Sundays…where you can feel almost isolated from the rest of the world out on the calm of the lake.

Photo : Prête-Moi Paris
Photo : Prête-Moi Paris

How do you hear romance in Paris?

Stay tuned for the next installment of this series that deals with touch! 😉

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