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Most Romantic Spot in Paris : Artistically Ardent

Now an on-going series exploring the “most romantic” spots in Paris, I have written on the romance in the open air along the water in the City of Lights, as well as romantic dining

Now poses the question of what is the most romantic cultural experience in this beautiful city. Freedom of space as well as delightful things to taste can ignite romantic feelings, well, art also inspires emotion. So there is most definitely room for romance among the various and numerous museums in Paris.

On the top of that list I would place the Musée Rodin.

The Rodin museum is quite famous for it’s statue “the Kiss” which thrones in the central room over looking the gardens. And depicts a moment of ultimate temptation between two characters who were so intensely drawn to one another. But this museum also holds many other sensual statues of the ardent artist, some may even make you blush! Rodin was no “priest” and had a famous affair with one of his students who was also his model and muse, and also was the author of an impressive collection of pornographic art drawings. But beyond even the art in this museum there is an air of romance with the gardens spotted with sculptures and little places behind the rose bushes to steal a kiss or two. There is even an array of lawn chairs in the back or the garden, so that you can linger all day, basking in the ambiance of what this sensual artist has inspired within you, before heading off with your lover into the more ominous and less love inspiring museums (like the Musée de La Guerre next door at Les Invalides).

But it is also possible to find romance in the massive Louvre museum. One of my favorite pieces there is a darling little statue of L’Amour, by Falconet.

It is placed on the French sculpture room which is in itself a delightfully romantic part of the Louvre, for all the sensual statues that are to be discovered there. These scultures all generally date to the 17th and 18th century in this section, and what makes them so evidently sensual is the attention to the detail of the flesh. These marble statues look so alive and palpable…


And speaking of palpable! What about a way to create art while keeping with the idea of romance? You all remember that famous scene from the movie “Ghost”…the pottery scene. How about a pottery class in Paris with your Chéri(e)?!? Okay, maaaaaabey you won’t be able to let the passion for pottery spill over into a passion for your lover durring the class like Demi and Patrick, but it can be your own fun secret together ignited with glances and winks to tempt you to rush off somewhere afterwards where you can be delightfully alone together!

Musée de L’erotisme

And there is always the extremely obvious Musée de l’Erotisme, which displays erotic artworks from ancient Asian and African pieces to very modenr French and American items as well. It’s really a place to giggle with your lover as it is all displayed with a very tongue-in-cheek type of humor, but it must be mentioned in a post such as this, even though the works of art on display there are no Rodin drawing.

What works of art inspire romance for you?

Stay tuned for the next piece in this series : Listening to Love.

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