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Andy Tauer – Perfume Launch – Loretta

The second edition of Andy Tauer’s perfumes for Womens’ Pictures has come out! And as I have told you before, these scents are sold exclusively at the Marie Antoinette boutique in the Marais. One of my favorite boutiques in Paris! Chéri and I are regular clients of Antonio’s shop. I know I have something from there waiting for me for Christmas!!!! I don’t know what but I am very excited to find out. Maybe it’s Loretta….!


Loretta, Andy Tauer PerfumesPhoto : Prête-Moi Paris
Loretta, Andy Tauer Perfumes
Photo : Prête-Moi Paris

So the second launch was held exactly like the first, with champagne and macarons bien sûr! And Andy gave us his little speech in the gallery next door since we couldn’t all fit into the darling little perfume boutique.

Loretta, the new scent…is sultry and sweet with a hint of spice. It’s feminine but not girly, it’s sexy but not vulgar. It’s delightful and evolves on my skin throughout the day. I love this perfume because it is powerful yes becomes subtle. I am not always a fan of over-powering perfumes, but this one seems to attatch itself to your epidermal chemistry to create something that is personal.

If you have not read my previous post about Andy’s first launch at Marie Antoinette… you should know that he is a self made perfume artist, that he turned his life around one day and left his corporate career to become an artist. He lives and works in Suitzerland, and he even lovingly fills his own perfume bottles and places the labes on them himself. I love supporting artists like Andy. And I am thrilled that Antonio is taking that risk in his boutique as well. We need more people like these guys around!

Andy, Me, Antonio
Andy, Me, Antonio

Congratulations to Andy on a second scent inspired by Womens’ Pictures, that is keeping us perfume fans delighted and enthralled. And thank you to Antonio for the discovery!

Loretta by Andy Tauer PerfumesPhot : Prête-Moi Paris
Loretta by Andy Tauer Perfumes
Photo : Prête-Moi Paris

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