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♥ Prête-Moi Paris celebrates 3 years! ♥

♥ ♥ ♥

Moi, Photo by Kasia Dietz

So Prête-Moi Paris turned 3 years old very recently (plus I am celebrating 10 years since my arrival in Paris!!!) and I thought I deserved a party….so I threw one!

Within just one month’s time of organisation, I gathered together some of the best people and elements I know in the City of Lights, to collaborate with and help me create and event that not only I would enjoy and celebrate but where my friends could benefit too! There was champagne, and cupcakes and frills and a specially made cocktail (a recipe post is in the works), and lots of pink, and sweets, and awesome prizes that were raffled off (for free of course) so that I could promote some of my favorite brands and services that I have blogged about or tested over the past three years.

Happy 3rd Birthday Prête-Moi Paris! from Prete Moi Paris on Vimeo.

What I wore :

Jewelry : (Necklace & bracelet) Leonor Heleno Designs

Top : H&M

Jacket : Jus d’Orange

Pants : Moschino

Shoes : Franco Paolucci

And I want you to all know that I DID MY OWN HAIR! Yeah… DIY baby!

Prete-Moi Paris & Sugar Daze
Photo : Lauren Cashwell

The festivities were held at the Sugar Daze cupcake shop on rue Henry Monnier in the 9th.

Instagram photo by Kim of Parisian Party

Cat who opened her cupcake shop to us SUGAR DAZE, freshly opened its doors just several months ago! Her cupcakes are made fresh daily (she doesn’t even use her freezer that’s how fresh things are!) Delicious & home-made. Compliments on her products at the party were all unanimous : Sugar Daze cupcakes are incredibly GOOD! You will find her five days a week in the cupcake shop, but also on twitter : @sugar_daze and facebook. She also created the Cupcake Camp Paris, which will see it’s third edition on October 27th.

The Wedding Tea Room & Prête-Moi Paris
Photo : Lauren Cashwell

The place was decorated in a whirlwind of pink fluff and the inspired talent of Frédérique from  THE WEDDING TEA ROOM who is an event decorator and she makes magic happen with a few ribbons and a sprout of flowers!!! She helped me with my wedding decoration (that you all followed I am sure, on my blog and on twitter) and she created the magnificent pink and black table last night for the party!!!! She has a creativity with out limits and a heart that matches it. Check her out, and speak about her on your blogs and social media platforms…she is a rare gem!!! Her facebook page, and Twitter : @WedTeaRoom You may have read about her recently on this inspiration shoot for a sweet French countryside wedding on my blog in which me and my friend from QuinntessentialStyle modeled.

Wedding Tea Room Girly Paris candy bar for Prête-Moi Paris
Photo : Lauren Cashwell

And thank you to all my generous sponsors who offered some ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS gifts for the raffle which happened every half hour or so. The concept was a big hit and allowed me to promote some brands, companies or services that I love!

Kasia Dietz Bags, bag designer, offered two mini purses (and a coupon for everyone that you will find in the “party bags”that I handed you before you left). Find her also on twitter : @KasiaDietzBags Won by Aude-Isabelle of 4 Roues Sous 1 Parapluie

Carré Royal creates French-Made leather accessories, offered a lovely leather wallet. Find them on twitter  : @CarreRoyal Won by S. from La Mom Paris.

4 Roues Sous 1 Parapluie, a compagnie (that I loooove!) proposes chauffered car services in the adorable 2 chevaux citroën antique cars (it’s charming and romantic!), donated a special Prête-Moi Paris ride for one or two people. Find them on twitter : @4roues2CVParis Won by Nathalie of Peut-Être magazine.

Cake & Bake, Paul Waters has a boutique in the 10th for baking supplies and gives baking classes, offered a complete cupcake kit for cupcake baking at home!!! Find him on twitter : @CakeBakeaccess Won by Leonor of Leonor Heleno designs!

Ambiancity : Sofiane offers, (and is the only company in Paris to offer such a fabulous service!) romantic room ambiance in your hotel or bedroom for your sweetie, donated a naughty kit with candles, false petals and a few other fun toys for a steamy night at home! Find him on twitter : @Ambiancity Won by Q. Of QuinntessentialStyle.

Léonor Henelo Designs  is a jewelry designer (my fabulous jewelry last night was her creations!) and she donated two bracelets that matched well the pink theme of Prête-Moi Paris with silver hardware and pink ribbons. Find her on twitter : @LHelenoDesigns Won by Cat of Sugar Daze Bake Shop & Audrey of Et Si On Se Promenait A Paris.

Festival Paris Baroque, a brand new baroue music festival in Paris that is happening very soon, donated tickets for concerts in some of the beautiful monuments that Paris has to offer! Find them on twitter : @ParisBaroque Won by Alexandra of Une Demoiselle à Paris

Science & Mer Paris a cosmetic brand that creates their produc with algea from the Brittany coast, donated one face product and one body product. Find them on facebook. Won by Les Bridgets

THAT Lou : Daisy does treasure hunts at the Louvre museum, and she donated two spots for her Love hunt on Decembre 14th. Find her on twitter : @THATlou Won by Osez Le Romantisme!

Square Modern by Suzanne, and American in Paris who creates beautiful home décor cushions for your Parisina home, donated a lovely cushion. She is on twitter : @squaremodern Won by my best friend Alexia!

For more photos by Lauren Cashwell of the soirée, check the facebook page here.

♥ ♥ ♥

Here’s to the next 3 years of Prête-Moi Paris! If I make it that far . . . perhaps I will plan a fête for the five year mark, just in case.  😉


  1. Happy 3rd Blog Birthday, Melissa! I love that video! Terrific filming and so much fun to see some familiar Paris faces. Thanks for having that done & posting it here. It’s great to see Sugar Daze, too — Cat has come so far in the years she has been in the cupcake biz. They look yummy!

  2. Congratulations! Looks like you all had a wonderful time. I can see you were in very good company for the celebration. Bravo to you! I am just starting my blog… still figuring out the ins and outs of how this all works. Remember when? 😉 Hope to celebrate next time with you! Again… very happy for you!

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