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Pictours Paris Bridal Shoot

So, bridal modeling seems to be somewhat of a partime pro-bono vocation for me lately… I mean what’s not to love about getting primped and dolled up, putting on a frilly gown and prancing around in front of a camera! I mean who wouldn’t want ot do that!?!
So when Lyndsey Kent of Pictours Paris sent out a tweet looking for models to shoot a promo for her new bridal services and wedding package, I was all about that!

Lindsey Kent of Pictours Paris does photo tours with her clients around the city of Paris. It’s a fabulous way to get snapshots of your memories taken while visiting this beautiful city, and not having to ask some stranger on the street to take a pic or two and then ending up with all sorts of bad photos that you hate, when you could have amazing photos that you LOVE and are proud to show off! Lyndsey has an eye for the best shots, the perfect moments and the right framing. Plus she’s über fun!
She is now officially extending her talents to brides as well. Imagine having gorgeous shots like these of your wedding or engagment or honeymoon in the city of lights!
Photo : Lindsey Kent, Pictours Paris
Melissa Ladd, Pictours Paris
Photo : Lindsey Kent, Pictours Paris
The photo shoot (see more pics below) I participated in for Lindsey Kent of Pictours Paris was certainly epic, with 2 Monique Lhuillier gowns, mine being a MASSIVE pile of tulle, a second bridal model, and several cameras all on us as we pranced around the streets of Paris. It was beyond fun, and a great experience as well as an excellent opportunity to meet professionals who made for a great photoshoot. Charles the make up artist is a riot and easy to joke around with, plus he makes you as pretty as a top model to boot! Betrand Gibault, was quiet and concentrated, and gave me a hair-do that even the blustering wind could not destroy! I am certainly using him again for any special events I need a quick hair fix for.
And then of course Lyndsey! She is great at directing her shot, and finding the right angle for an artistic yet perfect picture that you can frame forever for your family.
And my lovely Lauren, shot us a fantastic video, a sort-of behind-the-scenes short that put the whole day into perspective, fun, fast, frilly and fabulous!
Photographer & Creative Director: Lindsey Kent of Pictours Paris by Lindsey Kent Photography (
Makeup Artist & Creative Director: Charles Gillman of Charles Gillman Cosmetics (
Hair Stylist: Bertrand Gibault of Charles Gillman Cosmetics (
Photography assistant: Bertrand Orsal (
Videographer: Lauren Cashwell
Videographer #2: Charles Gillman of Charles Gillman Cosmetics (
Model: Adele Thursten, Model Mayhem (
Model: Melissa Ladd, Prete Moi Paris (
Wedding gowns: Monique Lhuillier, courtesy of Metal Flaque Paris (
Apartment and rooftop terrace: access courtesy of CobbleStay Apartment Rentals (

Floral: Fleurs de Caumartin, 84 rue Provence 75009 Paris

Photo : Lindsey Kent, Pictours Paris
Photo : Lindsey Kent, Pictours Paris
Photo : Lindsey Kent, Pictours Paris
Melissa Ladd, Pictours Paris
Photo : Lindsey Kent, Pictours Paris
Photo : Lindsey Kent, Pictours Paris


    1. Melissa, thank you SO very much for participating in the Pictours Paris and Charles Gillman Cosmetics bridal shoot! Thanks to the energy and talent of you and Adele, we’ve already booked our first Paris wedding! We couldn’t be happier. Cheers and thanks again!

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