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Biennale des Antiquaires 2012

At the Grand Palais….it happened…

September 14-23rd, 2012.

Le grand Palais

Scenographer : Karl Lagerfeld. (LOVED it!). Karl gave the immense venu all of that old-style authentic Paris charm, with a modern twist. The white gallery windows paned and lit with warm lighting on the inside made walking the alleys seem like strolling down quaint streets in nostalgic Paris, with a giant striped hot air balloon overhead to really drive home the vintage feeling. And then, strategically scattered throughout the alleys at their intersectinos were giant metal sculptures of the different major monuments of Paris. I think the scenography was just as wonderful to see as was the art and the jewels.

50 billion $ worth of art, artifacts, antiques, jewelry etc… all for sale at once. Including high end haute-joaillerie (what could be considered at couture jewels) by the big name brands, Dior, Chanel, Cartier, Bvlgari etc… showed their most opulent, most sparly new creations.  All objects displayed and sold at the Biennal are garunteed by the  SNA (Syndicat National des Antiquaires) which is an organisation that vouches for the authenticity and ethics of antique buying and trading.

Out of the 120 exhibitors, 50 are new to the Biennal, and 10 of the galeries were jewelers…jewels being the belle of the ball and all.

We went on the Thursday as they had a “nocturnal” opening until 11pm. Pictures are not allowed of the art, so images of what was for sale are minimal. But there was a gorgeous Klein painting, and I saw several Chagall’s that tickled my fancy. and the art deco furniture…it was enough to make me wild with dreams of a giant Paris apartment that I could decorate with all of it.

Chanel jewels

Dior jewels

The Biennal for most people is really a giant pop-up museum of art that is available on the market. We go there to view are that is not normally always available for the public eye, and to dream of course. There are buyers too, but I think they get drowned out by the crowd of curious onlookers. It’s a chic event, people like to dress nice to go there. Thank goodness not ALL the chicness has left Paris.

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