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French Made in the UK

My friend Frédérique has a wedding website, and I often went there for inspiration durring my year of weddinng planning.
One day about a month or so before the big day, I saw a link for this site called French Made on one of her posts. so I went there to check it out and stumbled upon a giveaway contest. So of COURSE I signed up, then spent more time than necessary (for a working girl) browsing her lovely site where she advertises her talents as a sweet table decorator among other things…and then I quickly forgot about the contest until I found out a week and a half before the wedding that I had won!

I won a lovely box of a dozen little hand made err…. (I mean “French made”) boxes of sugar almonds all in our wedding theme colors (that I had obviously communicated to her). They arrived in the mail before the wedding much to my delight, and I added them to the pile of gifts I was giving to my girlfriends who all helped with the wedding, and there was enough to hand around as well to people performing serviced (like the Françoise from the hotel front desk who had been very helpful and the driver of our little 2 chevaux car). Little things like these make people happy!

They certianly made me happy! They were little, cute, and perfectly wrapped!!!

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