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Didit Hediprasetyo – Couture AW1213

Video by Lauren Cashwell

There is a continuation this season of a certain cut, line and silouhette from Didit Hediprasetyo that segways nicely from last season’s couture collection, but presented with an injection of a bit more romance and quite a few more whimsical details.

The most immediate of those details being the color : a shimmering and delicate lavender shade, that when paired with the jet black coiffs of the models and the piercing ice colored eyes, gives of an idea of winter love and beauty.

The rest the details can be called silk, embroidery, corsets, chiffon silk, floral accents, beading,n sequins, velvet, fur and so on… this is couture darlings!

What was also interesting about this collection was the “hot and cold” feel…the striking black lips and hair on pale skin with equally as pale eyes against soft and plush fabrics and furs. The contrast is as delightful as a warm crackling fire on a deep snowy winter night. Interestingly enough, guest favors were lavender colored candles…hmmmm for romantic winter nights I can only assume!

I was happy to see some ostrich skin continue on as a theme this year, and the accented hip silhouettes we saw before as well as the heavy silk and long trained gown.But the main theme was silk. Heavy winter needlework silks, raw silk, pleated silk, flowing silk, runched silk, silk corseting… This is Didit Hedirpasetyo couture darlings!

Photo by : Lauren Cashwell
Photo by : Lauren Cashwell

Photo by : Lauren Cashwell

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