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The Dress

At the very moment this post is being published I am most likely in the midst of my wedding vows to the love of my life. But I have scheduled it as such so that Chéri will not get a glimpse of the dress before the fateful hour!

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The wedding, is full of so many things, so many details, so much preparation and frustration and joy and drama and love and everything thing that all the clichés tell you. I didn’t know I would succumb to all of these clichés, but I am sure not many are immune to them. There is so much pressure for this day, this moment to be perfect and charged with emotion. But throughout the whole ordeal of putting this event together, Chéri and I have often reminded each other of what the most important things is for this day : The fact that we are getting married!

It still stuns me when I realize that I have found that ONE perfect person for myself. I always hoped for someone like him in my life, but never dreamed I would find someone such as him. He makes me feel so special, so loved, and so radiant, I only hope I am reflecting it back tenfold to him. And yes the most important thing of this day is the vows we will be making and the union that we will be sealing. All of the rest is just fluff. All of the turquoise ribbons and sparkly accessories, all of the carefully crafted menus and the lovely little things that will fill up the space and atmosphere of our celebration. It’s all fluff and will fade away into the back ground of photos that we will show our children one day.

But….not the dress.

The dress will be kept safely and lovingly until someday I can pass it on to a daughter perhaps, or a niece or god-child. And maybe she will wear it or cut it up and make her own version out of its fabrics.

Everyone asks the story of how I found the dress. It turns out most women have a “story” about the coup de coeur when they find THE dress. I didn’t think I would be that kind of bride, even though my friends were all expecting it! But, it turns out, I am that kind of bride!

I had begun my search for dress inspiration online shortly after Chéri proposed. And I spent months browsing, making collages, comparing, inquiring on Etsy, buying bridal magazines … Until I thought I had seen every possible dress there ever was.

And then with about 8 or 9 months to go before the D-day, I made a few appointments at some local bridal shops, Pronovias, Cymbeline, and one other shop in the 9th that I can’t remember the name of. My intention was to do a deep and comparative search until I found the perfect dress for my shape, my budget and my desires. My first appointment was at Cymbeline. I went with my two besties, Alexia and Quinn, to have some objective opinions.

We were received in the shop on rue Lecourbe in the 15th by Maya. She was delightful and gracious. I explained to her what I was looking for and what I was NOT looking for. Then she proceeded to select items off the model display rack that went along with my criteria. She selected three gowns that I nodded my approval of, and then reached for a fourth gown that was all lacy. She said that she knew it may not be exactly what I had described, but that I should consider it anyway. I wasn’t really into the whole lace thing, but I said, hey it can’t hurt to try it on. So that one being my least favorite, she had me try it on first.

It was gorgeous.

It was comfortable.

I was stunned.

Video by Lauren Cashwell

But, I didn’t want to seem too eager so I didn’t say anything, but I am sure my two girlfriends saw the joy that registered on my face. I tried on all three of the other dresses but none of them really did me any justice, nor did they make me feel anything.

I put the lacy one back on. I liked it even more… I mean I REALLY liked it. But it was the first dress I had tried on!!! I kept asking my friends what they thought and they kept waiting for me to burst out in tears squeaking in excitement and emotion. They didn’t want to push me to decide anything. But I didn’t know what to think! In my head I had the pleasure of the gown and the fear of being too rash competing against one another. I turned around and around in front of the mirror. It looked so beautiful. So elegant. The dress was tasteful yet fun and pretty. It was perfect for me. PERFECT.

And then something clicked in my brain, and I said to myself, “take it”. As soon as that decision was made, I did burst into tears. Which was exactly what my friends were waiting for in order to know that I was sure. And then we were three crying sillies for a few minutes as I came to the realization that this was THE dress that I would wear when I married THE man of my life.

They say it is completely normal to cry when you find the dress, and they also say that often times it is the very first dress that you try on. What can I say! I am one giant bridal cliché!

♫ Dum dum tee dum… dum dum tee dum….  ♫

Platinum Pro Make up, PreteMoiParis wedding day
Photo : Elisabeth Perotin


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