Paris Wedding Wednesday : D day is tomorrow!

It has been over a year since Chéri proposed to me, and just about as long that I have been planning this wedding…

Tomorrow is the BIG day. I am nervous. Not about marrying my Chéri, THAT is a sure thing! I am nervous about this event being pulled off to perfection, or at least without any major mishaps.

I have been putting so much energy into the preparation of this wedding, because I believe that a special event like this should be personalized. I want our day to resemble us, Chéri and I; to be filled with us, as a sort of definition of who we are as a couple. I have hand made most of the elements of decoration for the event, all around a theme that I conceptualized with Chéri’s enthusiastic agreement : the Circus. ….. Because life IS a circus, and we must learn to not take everything too seriously even though we will solemnly make our vows to one another. So in that vein, Chéri keeps telling me, “something will go wrong at the wedding, for sure, but that’s ok because tout va bien“. And this helps my nervousness tremendously.

It has been an extremely creative year for me planning this wedding, and I have enjoyed all of the challenges and joyful things it has brought me so far…

And I am thrilled to be surrounded by people that love me dearly, and are enthusiastic about helping us celebrate this important moment in our lives.

Thanks to all of my lovely readers who have put up with all my posts about wedding stuff for the past 12 months or so!

This is also a thank you to my dear friends Alexia, Quinn, and Frédérique for all of the amazing help they have given me to prepare this day. And to Dori for so much moral support!! I could not have accomplished it all without them. They are incredible girlfriends!

And well, of course…the cherry on the cake…. Chéri, you are the most wonderful man to have put up with the roller coaster of emotions that have come out of me throughout the past year of wedding planning… I love you more than anyone in the whole world and I am so lucky to have found you.

Life is a Circus. Love is Forever!


  1. Congratulations! I hope you have a wonderful wedding – what a special day. Just remember that it is the little imperfections that make life more interesting. And are the things that will make you laugh years from now. Have a beautiful celebration!

  2. Congratulations and Good Luck! I can’t wait to see the pictures! Félicitations!!

  3. Congratulations to you both! I’m sure it will be lovely, breath-taking, perfect in its way. Remember to take deep breaths and enjoy yourself!
    Gros bisous

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