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Le Prénom : fantastic French movie!

So the last time I blogged about a French movie was a while ago, 2010 in fact, about the movie Le Nom des Gens. Well, I recently saw another  film, called Le Prénom, that I felt was worthy of praise on my blog. What is it about French movies that have something about names in the title?!? LOL!

Le Prénom, a film by two guys with super French sounding names : Alexandre de la Patellière and Matthieu Delaporte, is without a doubt one of the more hilarious French movies I have seen. The problems all start when Vincent announces to his sister, brother-in-law and childhood friend the name that has been chosen for the child that his partner is carrying… What follows is a family tirade. Scene after scene of these people just emptying their gut, anger, frustration and differences of opinion upon each other, all scripted for hilarity of course, and we, the audience were laughing out loud, but not just out loud, we were laughing LOUD!

I think what was so cleverly portrayed in this movie was the deep down hidden desire that so many us (I think all of us) have to verbally duke it out with our families, until we come to a place where, if there is no understanding, at least emotions have been validated and people have been able expel what has been bottling up for so many years.

I hope this movie makes it across the Atlantic to the American cinemas, but I doubt it will. It’s not your typical charming “Amelie” flick or “Midnight in Paris” with all the cliché Parisian scenery, but maaaan this movie is funny! Everyone can identify with it’s message, and humor.

Anyway, if you are in France and can understand French, go see this movie.? If it doesn’t give you an education on the French at least you’ll get an abdominal workout!

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