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Perfume Launch – Miriam by Andy Tauer

Antonio, the owner of my favorite little perfume shop in Paris, invite Chéri and I to the launch of a new perfume by Andy Tauer ~ maître parfumeur. This fragrance was created in lieu of his collaboration with film maker Brian Pera. Women’s Pictures, his 2011 film struck a creative chord in Andy Tauer and the two of them agreed to collaborate. Perfume plays a significant role in the lives of the characters in the film, and for Brian Pera it is an important element for character development in his film. For Andy Tauer, it is his life!

Andy Tauer, maître parfumeur, explaining his inspiration for Miriam.

Andy Tauer began creating perfume 10 years ago as a hobby when he found himself an unemployed consultant, and has since made it his new life path. He has left the consulting career behind and now lives exclusively from his creations. His collaboration with Brian Pera is one of his many projects where he allows his creativity to blossom into a finished artisan product from A to Z. He creates his own scents, designs the packaging and fills the bottles with his own two hands in his workshop. You cannot get more artisan than that! This perfume has notes of violet and rose with a sweet powdery vintage scent when first spritzed on the skin and then that slowly tapers off to reveal more floral sunny scents as it settles into the skin. But Andy doesn’t like to list all the elements he puts into his creations because as he says, the scent comes not from the individual ingredients but from how they are combined. The combination in this perfume is one that reminds us of vintage perfumes from the 1930’s art deco era, which is the desired effect he was looking for, and is also visible in the bottle and packaging, since Miriam is a classic woman who is dealing with the past.

Miriam – the first of 3 perfumes by Andy Tauer for Womens Pictures,

The launch of the new perfume was held at Antonio de Figueiredo‘s boutique Marie Antoinette which is the ONLY boutique in Europe that will be selling Andy Tauer’s creations for Brian Pera’s film. Later we moved to the art gallery next door as the boutique was not big enough to hold us all. Chéri and I arrived early and were greeted with warm smiles, flutes of chilled champagne and lovely rose flavored macarons (I let Chéri taste mine for me since they were laced with ganache and therefor “interdit” for me). Three more launches await us for this perfume collection, so stay in touch with me if you would like to know about the next one (sometime in September)…and… A little GIVEAWAY that will be coming up on my blog very soon!!

Stay tuned…

No event is complete in Paris without champagne! …
…or macarons!!!
Marie Antoinette boutique owner Antonio & me!


  1. I would not recommend this shop. The bottles were dusty, dirty even. There was very little selection. Not worth the trip there.

    1. Ah S. Thomas…It is a well loved shop, an old place in old Paris (the Marias) and it’s a shame that you can’t see beyond a little bit of dust.
      if you are looking for a plethora of selection then you should probably just go to Sephora, Marie Antoinette is a shop for the rare and unique, the connaisseur, for special and artisnal perfumed products.

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