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Couture fashion week : My favorites from the major brands

The Dior show was very subdued minus Galliano, and perhaps change is a good thing. I did however love the sillhouettes and waistlines which to me are the most important part of a gown or dress. It’s the base from which all the extra frivolities may flutter, and it must be perfectly accented and cut. The next important thing is the neckline which must draw attention up to the face, and the the hemline which brings the eye back down and allows the pbserver to engulf the entire attire and see through it to observe the woman who is wearing the dress. For she should not mearly be a hanger for the garment, she should be the reason for the garment. This piece shown below I feel takes all of those elements into consideration. Simple, yet elegant. Classic, with a youthful ease.


Alexis Mabille, went for an interesting “total look” perhaps with his models face color matching the gown she was wearing : blue, orange, grean, yellow etc. And capping it all off with giant paper flowers on their heads. The piece I chose for this list is the light aqua beaded short dress, because the detail work embodies what couture is all about. It goes beyond prête-à-porter and brings the work done on each piece to a whole other level of difficulty and savoir-faire. These beads must all be hand sewn. These details are all incorporated one by one with excruciating attention paid to even the slightest stitch. The human labor and hours of time put into one piece SHOULD far surpass anything prête-à-porter can claim.

Photo :

Jean-Paul Gaultier understands the spectacular concept of couture…that all-out-shocking-let-your-creativity-run-wild aspect to fashion design. It’s so hard to pick one single look from his Spring 2012 couture show. It was literally the opposite of the Dior show. It has this wonderful mix of Lindy hop culture paired with Amy Winehouse nostalgia and a fully charged palette of colours and textures. Gaultier understands how to do the daring, how to push the limits yet remain true to his signature style. I chose this piece not because it’s my favorite, (I couldn’t chose a favorite there were too many), but because it has got Gaultier all over it.

Photo : Vogue Paris

Karl and his collection want to take us on a trip while staying true to the Chanel culture, with acatwalk set that looked the like the interior of an airplane. Like Gaultier, his work for this power fashion house always remains faithful to those elements that have it wings. One of them being the perfect cut. This is a standard chez Chanel. And it comes out on every piece. The perfect lines, the perfect patterning of fabric and textile. This piece brings that precious value to eveidence.

Phtoo : Vogue Paris

Couture is an art that can do more than just dress the body, it can create goddesses with the mere donning of a garment that seems to have been woven by fairies. These are the Elie Saab gowns. His talented ability to make a woman become a dream is breathtaking. Like this…

Photo : Vogue Paris


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