1. Hahaha, yea these are fun. I like yours! If only there was a way to show “what I actually do” in more than one photo. I mean, it’s Paris but for those of us who live here we still have to eat / sleep / commute / work! 🙂

  2. Thank you for yet another good read. I live in both California and France, and have an idea for a blog post. Could you please let me know how to contact you?

  3. Very clever – and so true that would-be expats and French people think that we existing expats do nothing all day long!
    Think I’ll have to make one of these …

  4. Awesome. I’d love to make one of these about my harp playing. People think it’s all glamour and sparkly events, but really it’s hauling the 100-pound thing around, wrecking your nylons, trying to get the white cat hair off your (always, boring) black dress, answering the same questions over and over (no, I don’t wish I played the flute instead…).

  5. This is so very true. All of my friends on Facebook constantly remind me that I am in a yet-to-be-made Disney movie. But at the end of the day, I’m usually waste several hours a day on the Metro on my way to get some non-existent paper at an non-existent prefecture. 🙂

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