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For the dairy intolerant in Paris

P1120363I have found the answer to my dairy intolerance prayers! It’s called Kosher. And even if I am not all that concerned with religion and such, I am ever so glad that the jewish religion has a separation of dairy in their diet. Because it is the reason why I can eat things like this :

and this :

And this :

And THAT my friends is something I never thought I would ever be able to eat ever again…strawberry cream cake… I can hardly believe it!

Where can you access these incredible edible delights?!? At the most charming bakery Lune de Miel a brand new shop that just opened in December 2011, at the “door” of Paris, in Charenton-Le-Pont, accessible on metro line 8, station Liberté.

They cater to people who are holding events and need a pièce montée, or delicate desserts and savory bites for a party, or snacks for the kids after school, or just for a little “moment gourmand”. Kosher and oriental delights are waiting to be tasted and appreciated.

And your lactose free pastry dreams are just a short metro ride away. Macarons, croissants, pastries, pizzas and petit fours salés, tartelettes, pies, french cookies and oriental cookies, cakes and cream cakes…oh and did I say CREAM CAKES!?! Sink your teeth into pain-free deliciousnes.

You are welcome.

Lune De Miel
Lune De Miel



  1. Thanks for this! Have you heard about Helmet Newcake, 36 rue Bichat in the 10th. They specialise in gluten free but are experimenting with dairy free. You may want to try it out.

    The day I dream about is the day gluten and dairy free unite!

  2. Seriously?! OMG. I need to get there, STAT. Well, at least for the stuff that does not also have wheat, rye, barley or oat flour in it! I saw on your post on Twitter that there are gluten-free offerings, too. Just the “usuals” like macarons, made with almond flour? Or do they have other g-free items too?

    I just went to France’s first dedicated gluten-free pâtisserie last week, only to discover that everything was filled with dairy. Alas. I went ahead and tried a pistachio and currant tart that was made only with butter (as are other items, too). Sometimes I can get away with some butter in an item. At any rate, it is called Helmut Newcake, and if someone wants gluten-but-not-dairy-free bakery items like chou pastry and religieuses, then they have them! 36 rue Bichat, 75011. Apparently, they are working on dairy-free items in addition to gluten-free ones.

    Thanks for posting about Lune de Miel. It’s a great tip re: dairy-free. I know that I have bought Kosher sausages in the supermarket for the same reason — no casein or lactose as they are diary-free. But I never thought about a Kosher bakery! Of course!! How cool is that?!

    Thanks, Melissa!

  3. Wow I’ll be in Paris in mid-June (two weeks from today) and I can’t wait to surprise my traveling partner… She’s has waved goodbye to all dairy due to intolerance and is heartbroken over she no longer can enjoy pastries. I’ve made homemade dairy free Tarte au Citron etc. for her, but the sensation of walking into a shop and just pulling down treat after treat will be worth the whole trip…
    Thanks 🙂
    – Jamie B. Reeves

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