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Issey Miyake SS 2012

Kelsey Close, Issey Miyake SS2012

The first collection of Yoshiyuki Miyamae for Issey Miyake was not just a fashion show, IT WAS A SHOW! A breath-taking heart-stopping moment of pure artistic talent.

It began with a light show by WOW Inc, in shades of blue, on the ground and with a spire bulb running from the ground tot he ceiling. Like a drop of water … music swirling about overhead and in our ears. The lights swooshed and sparkled like lightening.


Then three models came slowly down through the audience, picking their way down the stadium seating steps….dressed like flowers. They circled the spire and walked slowly down the runway one at a time.

Kelsey Close, Issey Miyake SS2012

Each model was like a flower, an orchid, gentle and delicate, taking dainty steps as they glided softly along the runway. And for 20 minutes everyone forgot about the stiffling unseasonal heat inside the fashion show tent. We were in an exotic garden surrounded by Japanese flowers each one more different and beautiful than the next. The flower becoming a woman… Hmmm. I wrote a literature thesis with this theme in it. Perhaps that is why this show spoke to me so well. I was completely enthralled and taken away by the spectacle. I almost forgot that it was a fashion show! I could have been at the theater for all I knew. It was more than just fashion anyway, it was art and collaboration, and that is what I prefer to see, instead of just trends. that is what fashion shows should all be like! A vibrant display of artistic talent!


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