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Paris Wedding Wednesday : Join the Circus!!

It absolutely tickles me to compare a wedding to a circus…because, I mean really, who are we kidding! A wedding is a beautiful event, of course, but preparing it, and trying to appease everyone’s desires and calm the emotions of the drama queens, well… I am sure wedding planner Kim Petyt knows something of THAT! It is, essentially, a circus with a white dress and a few “lions” that could need to be tamed (some may refer to them as family or in-laws…) 😉

I for one do not insist on taking myself too seriously, even when it comes to such a serious event. This doesn’t mean I will mock the sacre of marriage, believe me, I adhere to it’s seriousness with a big beating heart! That’s what the ceremony is for. ….BUT! the whole idea of the reception to me should be done in gaïté and grand amusement. So along with all the drama and excitement that a wedding brings, I do believe that CIRCUS is a fitting comparison!

So, if I were to have a circus themed wedding…

The invitations would be vintage-type circus tickets, like this :

And the hall would be decorated with draping :

in colors like these :

…. the guests would all receive a party favor like this, because everyone needs to poke a little fun at themselves once in a while! :

Pinwheels are fun and frivolous, and would be stuck in the bridal bouquet as well as the table flowers and bon-bon table :

The cake should be fun and a little quirky….

But with color! :

There’d be a fun bon-bon table with all the sweets you would find at a circus :

And favor bags to put all those sweets in ! :

And I am sure we can find a use for these fun straws!

This wouldn’t be the wedding ring of course, but it should be worn (on the right hand, middle finger) …as it’s so perfect for the theme! :

I would have a Ringmaster running the show… and she, yes…she, would wear a fun and fabulous dress in RED!

like this :

or this :

and a jacket like this :

And of course we can’t forget the shoes…

And we would dance and be merry all night, and for the rest of our lives!


  1. I love the circus analogy! When I was biking across Pont Alexandre III on Saturday evening, I counted no fewer than seven brides getting their pictures taken there. It sort of bummed me out…

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