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On top of their game!

At 27 years old they are on top of their game! For three young men, making a living is as fun as hanging out with friends and doing what they love, playing arcade video machines!

Neo Legend shop… an arcade games concept store… is where work is play and there are not dull jacks hanging around. Raphaël, Robin and Remi (all three childhood friends) have grown their hobby into a business. The plan was to help the retro revival of old video games that existed before the HD revolution, and give people who were into the gaming culture a place of refuge. They had a few arcade machines for sale or rent and sold gaming accessories, t-shirts and apparel, magazines and “goodies” as Raphaël puts it (meaning American candies).


It all started with one Neo Geo machine, that Raphaël saw for sale in the USA on Ebay, and he just HAD to have that machine. It cost him a mini fortune to purchase it and have it shipped, but it was the inspiration for his entire concept store.

On May 1st 2007 they opened their first shop, on rue d’Abbeville in the 9th arrondissement, which was the very same shop where they used to purchase their video games as boys and young men. It seemed a natural place to set up their commerce, as the old man who was their resource for hours of video game fun closed down his. In March 2010 they said goodbye to the 9th and expanded their concept by opening up their new shop/showroom in the 12th on rue Crozatier (number 71). Their collection of arcade machines has grown quite a bit, and they are for sale or rent. What is special about their machines is that they are machines that come mostly from Japan directly and a few from the USA, but they are recustomised to hold thousands of games as opposed to just one or a few. So you can literally play all of the retro arcade games you want with just one machine! A “jukebox of games” as Raphaël puts it. They are the only ones to master this concept as a business.



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