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We live in a time when consumption is king when it comes to economic models. Sometimes this leads to overstuffed closets and unecessary collecting of clothes. So when you are doing your  belated Spring cleaning, or are finishing a semester abroad and have a few bags of unwanted or unpackable, too-small, or no longer wanted garments, you do not have to toss them in the Parisian trash! There is Le Relais that collects clothes in deposit bins throughout the city. Just make sure you put the clothes in a bag and tie it shut so they don’t spill out.

Recycle and Re-use!

Le Relais


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  1. This is fantastic information!! I’m about to move into my first Paris apartment. I’ve gone from the (uncommon) six closet NYC apartment to a ONE closet Paris apartment (before coveted IKEA cabinet type things…) so I’m going to be shedding many high-heels and silly clothes in Ocotber. Merci beaucoup! -Kristen

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