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Strong Basil Soda Women

Basil Soda’s Fall-Winter 2011-2012 couture collection tries to convey the essence of strong and powerful women that moonlight at fantastic creatures as well. He uses bold colors and a pairing of gowns with vests as well as pronounces colors to get his idea across. But in order to preserve the mysterious and voluptuous side of the ladies he must dream up he tossed in some brooding grays and dusty pinks with plunging open backs and his choice of flowing fluttering fabrics that float along with the gait of his long legged models.

Basil wants his women fierce and feminine. The mermaids from the last (Spring) collection have disappeared to leave space for a more determined lady who walks with purpose even if she does look like she’s floating!

In a hidden jewel of a room hall, guests waited for his show to start an hour late July 5th 2011. At least it wasn’t stuffy and cramped, no… this interior in a building in an old section of the 1st comes complete with a domed glass ceiling and pillars… who knew that something like this could lie behind the modern façade of 149 rue Saint Honoré.

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