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Bofinger – a pillar of the Parisian restaurant scene

Tucked inbetween the Marias en the Bastille neighborhood Bofinger has been happily doing the restaurant thing since 1864. Frédéric Bofinger set up shop here, being the first to offer freshly pumped beer to the Parisians, and boasting a copious plate of Alscacien fare, which the restaurant still proudly serves today.

Authentic woodwork and glasswork, this venue is a veritable historical monument. It still has it’s urinals decorated in sculpted porcelain to portray beautiful dolphine heads. The stained glass domed ceiling. The lamps d’époque. All of this brings you back 100 years or so when you enter.


The early 1920’s was when this restaurant really underwent a significant embellishment concerning it’s décor, and is the period when the grande salle with the oval domed ceiling was built. But 10 years later, Jean-Jaques Waltz, or Hansi, brought his good taste in décor to improve the place even more and give it an even higher prestige. The restaurant was then restored again in the 1980’s just about the time when the Marias and the Bastille neighborhood were emerging as up and coming areas to enjoy the Parisian atmosphere.
What pleases me about this place it the attention to certain details like the lighting, a soft golden halo against a warm colored ceiling….it simply helps build an appetite, and makes us all look nice. I also love every inch of the décor : the brass railing, the carved wood, the opal glass, the leather seats…


The Brasserie continues to have abundant business, despite it’s sometimes noisy atmoshpere. It is helpful that the restaurant has several different dinnings rooms on both the ground level and the first floor.


The meal you will eat is not life changing, but then not many meals should be life changing, or else whe would have a revolution at every other meal with all the foodies around these days! But it’s well presented, well served, and wonderfully delicious.



Choucroute : the signature Alsacien dish


Bon appétit!
3, rue de la Bastille
75004 PARIS
Tél : 01 42 72 87 82
Fax : 01 42 72 97 68
Métro : Bastille


  1. The food was above the quality at most restaurants in this chain. The setting is lovely. The service was abhorrently incompetent!

  2. I had the most delicious meal there a few years ago. I remember their being a great shrimp dish and a cool, buzzy atmosphere. Great post, it brought back some sweet memories!

  3. Food was Ok, service however was not. It’s the only restaurant in Paris where the waiters were rude, as well as slow.

      1. I have not been to this brasserie, but have jotted down the address. My best friend has been begging to go to Paris so, we are looking to book a trip very soon and thank you for sharing these tips.

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