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Barbizon : a photo journal of a Spring afternoon


Just a short drive out of Paris is the small town of Barbizon. A town epitomized by the pre-impressionist painters that went to to practice the art of painting outdoors, with natural light. Artists like Jean François Millet, Jean-Baptiste-Camille Corot moved there in the 19th century when this place was just inhabited by peasants and farmers. They has *gasp* the “audacity” to paint those peasants doing their daily work, which before that time was considered an unworthy subject for art. A lot has changed since! Barbizon sits on the edge of the forest Fontainbleau, and is a great place to lunch, shop for art, meander, and then stroll in the forest. Although the town has become quite frequented by tourists, it still remains fertile territory for artists, antiquaries and the like.

Sometimes when you peek through the thick gated barriers along the main street, you can catch a glimpse of even more of that French charm.



The queen of England has eaten here :

You can visit the artist workshop of Millet :

We had lunch at the restaurant La Bohème charming French fare with a lovely enclosed terrace for outdoor dining that is canopied by trees and foliage abundant in flowers! There was a tree in full blossom that was losing it’s tiny purple petals and they fell down upon the tables and chairs like the most lovely pink rain I have never seen!

P1080262I didn’t even mind that they fell onto my late or in my glass. I found it rather enchanting.


P1080276 P1080190P1080272

P1080267 P1080268

After lunch it is time to head to the woods for a slow ambling walk amongst the trees…




Just along the forest you can oooh and aaah over the amazing housing that are snuggled against the foliage. For the Paris habitant that I am, I am truly amazed by the spacious lawns and gardens that are juxtaposed to these lovely homes. It’s funny, because I did grow up in a place where the lawn was mostly an institution (the USA) and where we had a front lawn and a back lawn (mowing the grass was a chore let me tell you!). But these immaculate, charming manicured lawn made me swoon just a little.





Enjoy Barbizon, it’s free to stroll around town, and it’s a breath of fresh air from Paris!


  1. This place is gorgeous! Makes me want to visit! Are thr any good places to shop? Maybe sm vintage stores u cld recommend?

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