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Chocolate and Wine

Andy Laird is a musician from Brooklyn, NY, Justine Pringle is his wife, they have a little thing for chocolate… just a little thing… that became a much bigger home grown thing, dubbed Nunu chocolates. Self taught chocolatiers, they use all organic cacao from a family run farm in Santander Columbia, and make hand-made incredible little chocolatey edibles… Their little endeavor started out as an idea of something different to sell at Andy’s music performances… and now they have their very own shop in Brooklyn, and are able to come promote their lovingly made wares in Paris France of all places.



The event on April 15th was to promote this couple was given a little help friend their friends at Yelp Paris, Zeva B and Elodie F.

At the Brachfeld gallery in the Marais : 78 rue des Archives 75003, and accompanied with wines from La Cave du Barav (a fine gourmet goods and wine boutique at 10 rue de la Corderie 75003)… the evening was a delicatble experience of pairing wine with chocolate and sharing great conversations with my pals Jenny of and Kasia Dietz designer of très Parisian ‘it’ bags Nothing like a little chocolate and wine to enhance an evening apéro!


Yelp Paris team Zeva (in yellow) and Elodie (in pink)


Nunu Chocolates will be at their pop-up boutique at the Brachfeld gallery until April 26th.

I hope Andy and Justine have many years of making chocolates ahead of them!

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  1. So sorry I missed this! A little taste from my home-town, Brooklyn, in my new backyard, Paris.

    Wishing all the best to Andy and Justine and looking forward to the next opportunity to sample some Nunu Chocolates!


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