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Sometimes less frills is better – Grizzli café

Le Grizzli Café

7, Rue Saint-Martin, 75004 Paris

Tél : 01 48 87 77 56

We went there for an after work apéro, and ended up staying for dinner!

A cosy little place snuggled in the Beaubourg neighborhood, that is un-assuming yet full of charm. Bistrot style decor and fare, on two levels with café tables in front and a beautiful bar, there are so many surprising things on the menu.

I had “nems” or spring rolls that were the best I have ever had, EVEN better than some I have had in Vietnamese restaurants! Maybe it was because I was hungry. But I really think they were the most delicious I have ever had. My dinner dates had creamy fennel soup that they seemed ecstatic over.
We had magret de canard as the main dish, and it was so succulent and the sauce so juicy that we Ooo-d and aahh-d over every bite.
The first half of dinner was almost void of conversation we were so enthralled in our food.
The kitchen was not visible, but the food arrived by one of those old pantry pully systems, and arrived in a tall cupboard where the servers would open the doors and pull out the plates, and returned the used ones down to wash.


The service was kind, open and friendly. they were even meticulous about inquiring on ingredients (for my, the lactose-intolerant nightmare). I thank them kindly for that.
A menu and a moment that you will enjoy, guaranteed!
Bon appetit!



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