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Les Archives de la Presse


The boutique nestled in the Marais, sells books, magazines and newspapers of all sorts from the 19th century to the present day. It’s a place worth losing some time in. I was out shopping for holiday gifts when I happened upon this place, and found myself immensely distracted by the old-timey articles and publicity pages of 19th century newspapers. They used the same tactics that they use in our day and age to sell beauty products to women, for example: “it’s all natural and scientifically proven to make you look younger and more beautiful after the first usage!” Amazing how somethings never change.

There are also stacks and piles of vogue magazines, old pamphlets and catalogs from Printemps, copies of Le Petit Journal (I have two framed at home but I got them for a 3rd of the price at an open air antique market) for 15 euros.

Dusty and worn leather-bound books are stuffed into the shelves lining the walls, and all the written press is piled in organized stacked, arranged by year and category on the center of the boutique. There is so much to see that I literally didn’t notice the three quarters of an hour pass me by.

Perhaps a little history lesson might pop up at you if you read the articles or editorials of the papers… and a great way to discover the political atmosphere as it was felt at the time. Especially if you browse the political cartoons and satirical drawings.

A perfect place to “lose” yourself on a cloudy afternoon in Paris.

Les Archives de la Presse
51 rue de Archives
75003 Paris
Opening Hours
Thuesday – Friday : 10h30 – 19h00.
Monday – Saturday : 14h00 – 19h00

Subway and bus Access
Stations : M° Arts-et Métiers (lines 3 ,11)
M° Filles du Calvaire (line 8 )
M° Hotel de Ville (lines 1, 11)
M° Rambuteau (line 11)
M° République (lines 3,5,8,9,11)

Bus 29 : Archives-Haudriettes, Archives-Rambuteau, Rue Vieille du temple.
Bus 67 : Hotel de Ville.
Bus 69 : Hotel de Ville.
Bus 75 : Archives-Haudriettes.


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