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The Christmas in Paris Special

Le numéro de Noël à Paris

This post serves to share with all of you tips, tricks, and tempting delights from the bloggers and tweeters in Paris, for a fun and fabulous noël.

(preview of the photography for my Christmas post!)

The sense of Christmas :

Bliss in the City, a blog that I love to follow has posted several times on the small pleasures of Noël in Paris… Christmas for all your senses!

Plasirs pour les yeux : Number 2 see

Plaisir pour le nez : Number 4 smell

Plaisir pour la bouche : Number 5 taste

More holiday lights blogging by Paris in Pink : Paris is a brillant place to take pictures, certainly during noël! She also has a fun holiday giveaway, ending Dec. 20! (go check her site)

Another lovely blog : Fleurishing by Susan Hutchinson, has published a lovely photo post about the holiday season (not set in Paris but pretty to see just the same)

Let it snow! Let it snow! Let it snow!

And what would the holiday season be without snow?!? Kasia Dietz, of Love in the City of Lights, captured the Parisian snow in the most festive of ways! And quick photography it is too, because snow doesn’t last long in the city of love and lights.

Family Fun :

Heather Stimmler Hall of Secrets of Paris has provided us with a some links for holiday fun… Here is one Christmas happening from her list for families with a market and activities and concerts until Dec. 19 in the 16th.

Shopping for gifts!

Shannon of the blog Je Ne Sais Quoi-blog has provided us with everything we need to know for our holiday gift purchases.

Writer Beth Arnold posted on her blog Letters From Paris a gift suggestion: 3 wise books …aaahh, it’s relieving to know that people still read books and offer them.



  1. I am loving the snow! Precious. I wish I was in Paris for Christmas this year…. :/ Maybe next year!!

    Miss you.
    xxxxxxx, Q.

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