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Stocking Stuffers from Paris

Remplir les chaussettes de noël

When I first started celebrating Christmas with my French boyfriend’s family, I was sad to learn that they didn’t have a stocking tradition. It seems as if stockings are not a French thing. So… I insisted upon stockings,, made one for him and his parents, brought out my lovely hand-made-by-my-mother stocking (which was 100 times better than the ones I made…) and introduced a new tradition into one French family. They have necessarily understood that the gifts for the stocking are supposed to fit inside the stocking, and it becomes sort-of an extension of the under-the-tree gifts, but it’s all fun and from the heart. It’s the gesture that counts, not the gift!

But… I have a thing for little items, gifts, packages, travel size etc…  And I love stocking-stuffers for their smallness in size… (I miss the travel size aisle at the CVS pharmacy).So I went in hunt of a few fun items, in case you were in need of some Paris stocking-stuffing inspiration.



Under 10€


La Grande Epicerie de Paris

These are a German-style holiday cookie that is difficult to find but one bite into them and it’s a Christmas party in your mouth! They are soft and made with almond flour with a light coat of icing and plenty of nutmeg and cinnamon!

I found these at the Grand Epicerie de Paris (aka : Le Bon Marché). It’s a small box that will fit in someone’s Christmas stocking and make them very happy!


Nature & Découverte

Huiles essentielles : Essential oils… can be used for aromatherapy, cooking (yes! it’s true) and…….. massage!


Alice Délice

Mini chocloate bars, and stockings go together like… Chocolate and Christmas! I mean what would Christmas be without chocolate!?! As a kids a remember always having tons of it in my stocking, and by noon we were all driving my mother crazy because we had eaten through it all, and probably some of the wrappers as well. A kids….


Coté Maison

Well! You need accessories for the chocolate now, don’t you think!?!?!


Under 20 €


L’Occitane started doing limited time only lines of make-up. Last Spring there was a line put out for Mothers’ day. The new line came out recently for the holiday season. It’s called Fleur Chérie, and the colors are peachy and full of warmth, and sweet flowery-fruity smells. There are several to chose from, and there are lips glosses, sticks, powders, blushes etc. I love their ‘brillant à lèvres’ in tafetas cuivré shade.

Nature & Découverte

I’m a sucker for a head massage… ok well, a back massage, a shoulder massage, a foot massage… I LOVE massages! I was probably a lap dog in a past life. I’m confused as to why they give you massage oil with this head massager though. Oh wait… I see, it’s so you can get a head massage AND a back/shoulder/foot massage! Good thinking Nature & Découverte! (Online or in stores)

Alice Délice

And this stocking stuffer is in hommage to my New England roots. Gimme lobster! Or gimme….! Ok fine, I’ll take an over cooked-not-fresh-from-the-sea large shrimp. ppbbbttt!


Alice Délice

Macarons are all the rage. Everyone wants to make them at home. Here are some accessories that will help them.I should put this under the ‘under 40′ category because you should really get the non-stick spray (shown), the coloring (not shown) and the flavoring ( not shown either). Just sayin’.


Under 40€


Fragonard… a Totally French brand, a totally French product.

The eau de parfum Caresse is perfect for HER stocking…

Fragonard also has plenty of other items for less as well that fit just perfectly in a stocking!



Coté Maison

Don’t these things just look so comfy and warm! Slippers for the whole family! Aaaand, non slip slippers!( That sounds like an oxymoron.)



Coté Maison

This candle smells exactly like Christmas…exactly.


Happy holidays to all!




  1. Another good place for French stocking-stuffers is Virgin records- they have mini-board games and packs of card games in their papeterie department. Oh! I also found a mini book of “Danette” recipes for my hubby ( I got him the Nutella knife last year!) thanks for these tips!

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