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Aouva Beauté, 6 rue Brantôme 75003

…and other beauty moments from the quartier de l’horloge…

Tucked away in a pedestrian section of the quartier de l’horloge near the Centre Pompidou is a happy little beauty salon. Aouva Beauté; where men and women alike can get their beauty fix.

I had an appointment for an evening that happened to be mighty cold outside, to get an oriental pedicure with polished toenails. Upon entering the small salon, I saw two clients getting their foot care done up and an esthetician on a stool carefully filing away. I was early and took a seat on one of the wicker stools indicated to me… right next to the cutest little long-haired chihuahua ever! It’s name is Bounty (like the candy bar), and he immediately hopped into my lap in order to be pet. Ok, my day was just totally made!

I sat there tweeting and petting the dog, but no one else in the small room was saying anything. I found it slightly odd. And even more odd, when I realized that the two other clients that where present, knew each other and had come in together. How weird to sit there silently and not talk to your friend that you are getting a” beaté des pieds” with! Anyway… after they left and I hopped into the pedicure chair, I chatted away with Anaïs, my esthetician for the evening. I asked her a thousand questions about the beauty salon and her job, and she graciously answered all of them.

Aouva Beauté has been there for a year. Three exotic women welcome their clients as if they were friends. Aouva, Anaïs and Morgiane. They have been written about in Femme Actuelle, My Little Paris, and have had deals with Groupon Paris and DealGroop. (the Groupon deal was a little too successful, but it is bringing in many clients through their door).

They offer just about everything you could hope for in a beauty salon :

Mani-pedis of course.


Massages (that Aouva told me were the real deal deep tissue Californian massage, hallelujah! –she lived in LA for some time, and speaks perfect English–)

Hair removal (with wax or thread –indian style) for men and women!

Eyelash extension!

Permanent make-up (make-up tattooing)

Help with your silhouette

And more!

And what’s better than this? : They are open Monday to Sunday (closed Saturdays) from 10am to 8pm!

6 rue Brantôme; 75003 PARIS; Tel :

Aouva with her chihuahua Bounty


    1. les filles très désagréables. mes sourcils parfaites depuis des années réduites à trois poils horribles. le maillot: après une semaine j’étais pleine de boutons. jamais plus!!!

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